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Why You Should Take You Out For A Movie Date These Holidays

Dinner and a movie for one pls.

There’s nothing more important than taking a lil time alone to look after your wellbeing, and a movie date is one of our fave ways to do just that.

A solo trip to the movies is a great way to just take a break from life and treat yourself to a couple of uninterrupted hours full of entertainment and snacks galore.

In spirit of that self-care mentality, we’ve teamed up with Event Cinemas to bring you the all best things about going on a movie date with yourself.

It’s A Great Way To Make Time For Yourself

Being in the constant company of other people can be super exhausting. We’ve all had that feeling when you just need some time out to recharge. Especially when it’s coming up to holiday season (I’m honestly already exhausted by the idea of Boxing Day sales).

When it comes to the movies, sometimes you just want to watch the film without being asked a million questions about what you reckon will happen next, or where your SO/best mate/cat recognises that actor/actress from. Flying solo at the movies is an awesome way to chillax and just have some quality time to yourself. Oh and if you’re a student did we mention it’ll only cost ya $8 bux for a ticket?

It’s A Well-Deserved End Of Year Break

This year was a massive one of study/work/life for all of us. A long overdue break from it all is seriously needed – and what better way to take your mind off stressful things than escaping into another cinematic universe? The summer holidays might still feel like a lifetime away, so a quick trip to the movies might be the lil boost you need to keep your head up until it properly gets into swing.

You Don’t Have To Wait To See That Movie You’ve Been Dying To Watch

Had trouble getting ya mates on board to see a movie that doesn’t really appeal to the blockbuster loving masses? Or maybe all your mates are super indie art lovers, and you just wanna watch Frozen 2 in peace? Don’t wait until it comes out on streaming services to finally watch it. You know full well that the movie experience is 10000x times better with a massive screen, proper sound system and cushy reclining chairs.


You’ll Have Exclusive Access To All The Snacks

Is there anything worse than reaching for the ‘shared’ popcorn to find only salty kernels left before the movie has even started? No thnk u. That semi-guilty look your movie buddy uses to quell your imminent huffy mood is a thing of the past. Instead, just go alone and have unprecedented control of the snacks. If you have the willpower to make a popcorn bucket last until the end credits – now you can!

With Ford V Ferrari, the new Charlie’s Angels instalment, Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, Knives Out and the so-bad-it-must-be-good-looking Last Christmas among the flicks currently on offer and coming soon, what are you waiting for! Treat yo self.

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