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Wild Party Cities All Over The Globe To Add To Your Bucket List

Fancy travelling? What a silly question, of course you do. You’re itching to hop aboard a plane, cruise the seas or scale foreign heights on foot. Setting off solo or hitting the ground with a crew in tow, these cities are of the need not sleep variety. You’ll be needing a sleep soon after departure though, that’s if you even survive the madness. If you’re planning a trip and you’re in pursuit of absolute debauchery, add these destinations to your itinerary. It doesn’t have to look like a Geordie Shore episode either, there’s something for every type of reveller.

Goa, India

A hub for trance lovers and the free-spirited, Goa is a must for partiers. Channel your innie hippie and gyrate the day away in true 70’s fashion. Even a city ban on all night parties hasn’t stopped the fun.

Berlin, Germany

A no-brainer. Berliners  are rampant about their club culture and for good reason. Start late and ask a local or two to point you in the right direction, Berlin come midnight beams with dancing feet. It’s gritty and glorious, just make sure you’re prepared to wait in line a little and party for days on end. Seriously, some clubs don’t close.

Pag, Croatia 

Sure Hvar gets all the glory for being party capital of Croatia, but thanks to a festival or two Pag is giving it a run for the title. Drink and dance on Zrce Beach any old summer day or come for Sonus Festival; either way you’ll be treated to a time to revere. Epic views and a laid-back vibe, what’s not to rave about?

Bristol, England

Where London’s ever heightening prices have squeezed out quality clubs, Bristol is thriving. There’s a passion for music in this town, from bass to  headline artists and indie bands. A spectacular spot to take in British club culture in all it’s glory and check out local talent while you’re at it.

Mykonos, Greece

The Greeks know how to party, but Mykonos is one location where you’ll see barely a single local. Instead the picturesque island is overrun with party minded foreigners, all in pursuit of the best beach club. Start your day at a Paradiso pool party, then onto the more civilised Scorpio’s and try to make it home in one piece. Sea, sand and endless nights guaranteed.

Belgrade, Serbia

The party knows no bounds in Belgrade, spilling into the street and out of tiny bars all through the city. Our pick for a little history stirred with your cocktail, head to Terrassa Bar. You can sit above the masses as you sip or get down and dance in the thick of it, while surrounded by brickwork of the past. Truly charming.

Seoul, South Korea

The bars of Seoul run bright, behind the billboards and K-pop cliches you’ll find a mass of unique establishments. Niche bars to mammoth enterprises, each one has it’s own charm. The language barrier can be an issue at the door of some places, but when in doubt play it cool and keep quiet until asked. No one likes a drunken foreigner in the street.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a party paradise. Start your night in the city bars and work your way towards the shoreline. Clara Club on the beach is a mainstay. Come Summer there’s parties on Gordon Beach too, so you can party from midday til dawn. Israeli locals and travellers come together on a trail of hedonistic fun.

Barcelona, Spain

They take an afternoon nap daily, so you best believe the party doesn’t stop. Street parties, beach clubs, dancing wherever you go, Barcelona is a partier’s paradise. Take to the clubs of Barceloneta beach and you can stumble out onto the sand come 6am. Just don’t go too hard on the sangria early, their revelry is an endurance event.

Las Vegas, USA

The pinnacle of partying. From pool parties to nightclubs and all day debauchery, a weekend in Vegas is sure to set you back a pretty penny. But if you’re happy to part with your cash and invest in a quality time, then order a bottle and get lit. The Hangover only exaggerated a little.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

A black out experience like no other. Rules don’t exist on the party island and come the ritual celebration, time almost ceases too. Awash with neon lights and body paint, it’s a place to let loose completely. Leave your inhibitions at the door and lock up your valuables.

Prague, Czech Republic

Where the alcohol is cheap, the partiers will follow. Prague’s nightlife is awash with absinthe tinged teens and bucks parties from all over the world. It can lean a little on the seedy side, but if you embrace it you’ll be doing shots and smoking at the bar with the best of them.

Beirut, Lebanon

A forgotten option thanks to it’s location in the stigmatised Middle East, but the parties in Beirut are grander than ever before. Party in a bomb shelter turned club or pop bottles at Sky Bar for evenings turn mornings. It’s glamorous, showy and infectious.

New York, USA

A cultural hub with a little slice for you, whatever your taste. Rooftop bars, glitzy clubs, speakeasies or underground happenings. New York is a maze of options, so let the night take you where it will. Just know, getting from neighbourhood to neighbourhood can be a pain, best to pick a borough and cover every corner of it in one evening. Look beyond the hotel strips too, if you want to see where the locals drink and dance.

Ibiza, Spain

No surprise here. The Spanish island is home to more quality clubs than any other locale. The difference here is once you arrive, you won’t be leaving; crawling from club to club just isn’t common practice. But with an endless flow of bevies and stellar artists performing all summer long, you won’t want to depart. Ever.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When Carnival leaves town, the party  doesn’t cease. Behind the beach parties and clubs on the main drag is a happening underground scene too. Rara Party is a top notch one you’ll be lucky to score tickets to, given the event is invite only. Or head to Kolor, the owner brought his expertise from Budapest, to liven up Rio with a whole new style. Think everything from screenings to warehouse parties.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Home of our own Aussie princess, don’t let the price of staying in Copenhagen put you off. Come May Distortion Festival takes to the streets with an epic lineup and raucous crowd. Come Winter club goers in search of warmth congregate on the dance floor, making for a sweaty night like it’s not below freezing outside. The Danish sure know how to party.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Perhaps we left the best til last? Amsterdam is surely on your go to list already, thanks to a thriving culture and endless nighttime options. Pick your genre and you’ll find a electric bunch of people who share you love of tunes. Make sure you stray beyond the hostel bars, they’re overpriced and you won’t find Dutch people within miles of it. The warehouse parties and beach events in summer are worth investigating depending on when your visiting. The Happy Feelings throw epic events seasonly as well as Elrow on occasion.

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