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Will Disney Plus Be The End Of Netflix And Chill?

We’ve been hearing rumours for months now about what mystic forces Disney were going to wield for their shiny new streaming service. But finally we’ve got more than just a glass slipper to wonder over, as Disney let us take a peak down the rabbit hole and into the world of Disney Plus. And boy oh boy, it certainly does not disappoint.

Some of the Disney titles on offer.

Just yesterday, at an investors’ conference for the service, all the big-wigs from Disney got up on stage to tell us what they have planned for the unveiling. We even got a launch date (Tuesday 12 November, 2019) and a price ($6.99 USD/month or $69.99 USD/year). But don’t hold your breath too long, my Aussie readers, as no such pricing or launch date has been set for us. Hello, Disney?! We do exist you know!

The only promise that we’ve been granted is that Disney Plus will be launched to an international market over the proceeding two years. You heard me — two years. All I can do is cross my fingers and pray they launch the next countries in alphabetical order… or at least that they don’t take as long as Netflix did to enter the land of Oz. (Failing that, it’s pretty easy to location hack with a VPN, so get on that already.)

So What’s On Disney Plus?

Alright, so enough whinging from me — let’s talk about what we can expect to binge on. Disney Plus will host a conglomerate of major titles from Disney (duh), Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars AND National Geographic, as well as certain Fox titles including all 30 seasons of The Simpsons. Exclusively. Yep, you read that right.

They’ve also told us that in their first year, they will be releasing 25 original series and ten original films. Marvel nerds: get ready for titles like WandaVision (a live-action series featuring both Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, hells to the yes) and The Falcon & Winter Soldier. Disney geeks: we’ve got a few series coming such as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to celebrate (GASP) and Monsters At Work (why yes, that is a Monsters, Inc. inspired series). So get your head in the game, folks, as these are just a few of titles we can expect at our next movie-marathons. Or, you know, Thursday night.

But What About The ‘Flix?

Not pictured: Netflix executives.

So what does this mean for our beloved Netflix? Basically, this is not great news for the streaming superpower, with predictions of Disney Plus becoming the new fan favourite. While this will possibly bury Netflix alive, what could be beneficial for us superfans is to see what Netflix brings out to try and compete with the new kid on the block.

Personally, I hope that we do still get to keep Netflix in our arsenal, because Netflix-and-chilling to Disney movies just doesn’t seem quite right. Either way, I’ll be patiently waiting to subscribe to Disney Plus quicker than Dash runs across water.  It’s your move, Netflix.

Stay tuned for more Disney Plus related news here.

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