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Will Smith Rapped Aladdin’s ‘Friend Like Me’ And It’s Got Nothin’ On The OG Robin Williams One

“Oh hell, no.”

Will Smith’s initial response to accepting the role of Genie in Disney’s Aladdin is both humbling and very terrifying. He’s right, even though Genie’s don’t have feet, Robin Williams left Will Smith some pretty big shoes to fill. The role of Genie is legendary; left etched in the minds of many now fully-grown adults – all once mesmerised by the magic and beauty that was the OG Aladdin all those years ago…

It’s the magic of Disney, and the legendary status of the late Robin Williams that has kept us all tied to the legend of Aladdin along its journey into contemporary re-make territory. Will Smith as the Genie will either be hit or miss, as there’s a lot more than a few catchy songs riding on this new age performance.

Whichever direction the movie goes, Will Smith has proven this year’s Genie will bring a newer, fresher edge. Catch Will Smith’s street-version of Aladdin’s ‘A Friend Like Me’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and decide whether Smith will be a star or a doozy, yourself…

I’m getting alllll the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes and it’s overwhelming to say the least. In his true charm, Will Smith packages this song into a magnetising re-make that I just LOVE. Although I can’t yet say what kind of performance it’s going to be when he’s all dolled up with the goatee, gold cuffs and ponytail as the Genie.

It goes without saying that the OG Robin Williams version is in a league of its very own. Until the release, I’ll shamelessly re-watch the street version of ‘Friend Like Me’ as a kind of nostalgic journey back to the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. Don’t mind me, just admiring Will Smith’s charm from my screen.

Sources: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Will Smith Youtube. 

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