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Wine Snob: What To Buy At Each Price Point And Budget

Because you’ve always wanted to be a classy drinker, right?

Part of adulthood is enjoying wine. If you drink alcohol but don’t enjoy wine, then according to the adulating guide you still have a way to go. What other beverage is perfect for a casual dinner party but can also get you turnt? What other beverage can vary widely in price from $9 to figures that my bank account will never see? Given the massive price difference in wines, you’ll be sure to find one appropriate for your budget.

$10: Entry Level Student Wine

You are never going to get a great drop at this price. At $10 it’s less “I’m getting chocolate and wood notes” & more “I’m getting wasted”. But if that’s your market then here you go.

McWilliam’s Inheritance Range $4.75

McWilliams produce a wine variety of wine that span the price range. So, whilst this one might be cheap it is still produced by a good Australian vineyard so you are getting quality.

Jacob’s Creek Pinot Noir $6.50

Red wine is perhaps the most forgiving at a cheaper price point but get it wrong and it can go bad, fast. This Pinot Noir is a great one to pair with food as it isn’t bold enough to take away any of the flavours.

Fruity Lexia $10.99

Fruity Lexia makes you sexier. That’s really all there is to say about this goon.

$20: Decent Wine For The Non-Connoisseur

This is my comfortable wine place. I am not a connoisseur that requires all my wines to be decanted first. Rather I want to drink the wine I buy and at $30 I am never going to be tempted to lock it up for a ‘special’ occasion.

Hearts & Bones HB Shiraz $19.00

Now this is a shiraz made for Australia. It doesn’t feel too heavy, instead it is light and fruity and just made to enjoy instantly. Hearts & Bones have a great range of reds so you can find the grape variety to suite you.

Rabbit & Spaghetti McLaren Vale Chardonnay $24

I dislike Chardonnay, I don’t care what my parents say. They taste oaky and like I’m drinking wood chips. Luckily Australian winemakers have realised this and have started to make unwooded chardonnays. This is one such chardonnay and one that I will buy.

First Drop Mother’s Milk $28

First Drop isn’t afraid to be young, they are to wine what microbreweries are to beer. They know people of all ages (above 18) like their product, so why be stuffy and appeal to just the over 40’s. This particular drop is nice and balanced, and the cool bottle will be the talking point of the party.

$50: Fancy Girl/Boy

We get it, you are off to meet your partner’s parents. So, you better look successful and like you have it all together. These are some that taste good and have name recognition, that way the people you’re trying to impress will be, without you showing them a receipt.

Izway Bruce Shiraz $50

This winery doesn’t have instant name recognition yet, but it should. The Bruce Shiraz was the first wine made by Izway Winery in the Barossa Valley and its taste has allowed them to grow. It is a powerful shiraz and perfect for enjoyment on its own.

Red Hill Estate Single Vineyard Pinot Noir $70

This is a multi-award-winning wine from Mornington Peninsula and is typical of many Pinot’s in the area. What makes this one stand out is the multitude of flavours in each glass. This is one you’ll want to cellar as it will only get better with age.

Mumm Vintage $77.90

When it comes to Champagne, a few stand out. Moet and Veuve are great, but my favourite is Mumm Vintage. This bottle is worth the spend. Not only does it look impressive, but it is a nice, easy drinking bubbles that doesn’t taste too obnoxious.

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