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Withdraw Your Gringott’s Gold, Boots UK Released A Harry Potter Beauty Collection

Muggles, witches and wizards, get excited. Head to your Gringott’s vaults and withdraw all the cash.

Boots UK has released the very first OFFICIAL Harry Potter cosmetics collection! It features nail polish to makeup bags to lip balms. The collection is making us feel like we really did receive our letter from Hogwarts.

The range celebrates every Hogwarts house in style and glitter, Luna Lovegood approved. Get your house pride on with team eyeshadow palettes, makeup bags and nail polishes. If you’re more of a Hogwarts history fan, you can celebrate the iconic wands with beautiful rose gold plated brushes.

However, if you’re more keen to bathe with Moaning Myrtle in the Prefect’s Bathroom (minus mermaid screams), dunk in a Golden Snitch bathbomb for pure atmospheric bliss.

As bath and beauty lovers all round, we really couldn’t be more keen for this collection. Shout out to Boots for finally releasing the first official HP cosmetics line. Just in time for Christmas too, we’d be super happy with these.

Unfortunately, the collection is not available in Aus yet, but keep your eyes peeled. For more info on shipping, visit the Boots UK website HERE.

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