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Woodstock Is Back For A 50th Anniversary Revival And People Aren’t Too Happy About It

Party like it’s 1969. The lineup for the 50th anniversary Woodstock festival has just been announced and although there’s some pretty serious names, there’s a lot of disappointment surrounding the revival.

The three-day festival falls on August 16, 17 and 18: the same dates as the original Woodstock festivals. We were expecting fans and music lovers to lose their minds, but the majority is pretty disappointed with the attempt of revival.

From Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant to Jay-Z this festival definitely includes some pretty influential artists. However fans and critics are calling it “basically Coachella” and an attempt to revive something that is too iconic to revive.

There’s big confusion to the festival too, as Woodstock was a free event and the tickets for the revival are expected to be stupid expensive.

The response is not what we expected, but ultimately, we’re not surprised.

Let’s just give those organisers a big ‘YOU TRIED’ sticker and move on with it.

Image: Woodstock Ventures LC

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