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The World’s First Smart Condom Is Here, No Pressure

Anyone who owns a Fitbit is guilty of checking their steps after a little romp, but now there’s tech just for doing the deed. It was inevitable really, but the world’s first smart condom is available for preorder. Have you ever wondered exactly how many calories you’ve burned or perhaps you’re curious about your bedroom stats, this device will keep you, ahem, informed. i.Con, from it’s wonderful punny name to it’s foray into a whole new type of sex toy, we bet you’re curious.

It’s not an actual condom for starters, it’s a ring that sits snugly at the base of a condom, coming along for the ride. It maps not only calories burned but all the nitty gritty stuff too. From speed and number of thrusts, duration, velocity, average skin temperature and girth measurement in case you’re curious. It also maps how often you have sex, for better or for depressingly worse.Currently in BETA testing they’ll be adding an additional mapping of different positions.

One charge will last you six to eight hours of pleasure, which we don’t think many people outside the professional realm would outlast. It’s lightweight, water resistant and doesn’t impact your performance. Using a nano chip and sensors it seamlessly integrates all your data onto the i.Con app, so you can review your activity with ease. It even warns you of STI’s, how helpful. Dick pics were apparently just the beginning.

With no available pictures at this stage we’re unsure whether it will look like at alien appendage or camouflage itself into your regular protection. The jokes just don’t stop with this one, it’s an invitation for the internet savages really.

For £59.99 (roughly $97 AUD, depending on Brexit) you can get in on the action. Quite literally. Men’s competitive nature knows no bounds.

Image source: Mashable.

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