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WTF Is Going On With Tyrion In Game Of Thrones?

*Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8 ahead, read at your own risk. 

Tyrion is like the Eminem of the Game Of Thrones world. His content drastically fell in quality when he sobered up.

He was a fan favourite because he’s funny and likeable and smart and oh so moral (considering his Lannister blood). We love an underdog, and Tyrion has always been one. Despite that, even the most loyal Tyrion fans (ie me) are starting to lose faith in his heroic cleverness. And let’s not even think about what Daenarys is going to say to him now that he’s failed in his latest task, too.

In the Last Of The Starks, Tyrion was eager to please Dany because she’s been in a pretty foul mood with him for a while now. Ser Jorah might have made her a little sympathetic to him, but now that Missandei is dead? Oh boy. Tyrion became her hand in season 6, and he’s honestly done little to prove himself since then. It’s probably also a bit of bad luck – there’s no way anyone can ever really reason with Cersei. But that being said, he’s gotten out of some nasty tight spots before and he seems to be losing his touch.

Season 7

Tyrion actually thought Cersei was going to send some forces to support them. Like, are we talking about the same Cersie? He pushed Dany into a truce that she didn’t want, and believed Cersei when she offered her support. Anyone who’s watched even one season of this show would know that Cersei was spinning BS and would never give a shit about the North, or other people in general, and it was a really dumb move on Tyrion’s part. They should’ve killed Cersei the moment she was in sight.

I don’t care that Daenarys is important and Tyrion wants her to live, telling her to leave the squad behind the wall was an awful move. Why would you think telling a Queen and conqueror that she should leave half her allies to die is a good idea?

Granted, she lost a dragon. This definitely sucks but saving Jon was a necessity. She needs him not just because she loves him (personally I don’t think that would even matter in her bet for the throne). Jon Snow is the tie between her and the North, and by extension the whole of Westeros. She needs to maintain close relationships with her northern allies in order to have support to take the Iron Throne, and it’s pretty obvious that loyalty only comes through Jon.

Season 8

Can someone please tell me why it’s acceptable to starve an entire city of civilians, yet it’s apparently too morally bankrupt to just dracarys the fuck out of Cersie when they have her right in front of them? How is Cersei’s right to live more important than not starving the whole of Kings Landing? Why is he so worried about morals when he knows Cersei will actually slaughter them all without batting an eye? She let everyone into Kings Landing knowing that it gives her immunity for a small amount of time. She doesn’t care that eventually they’ll be sacrificed in Dany’s bid for the Throne. In fact, she’s probably counting on it so that Dany looks like an evil, trigger happy foreign conqueror.

Tyrion should know by now that he can’t trust Cersei, and that Cersei cannot be reasoned with. He tries to appeal to her emotions while bartering for Missandei’s life, and the whole thing was fucking tragic because we knew it was futile. Cersei doesn’t care about emotions! Cersei doesn’t envision herself losing, either! And she sure as hell would never surrender. She was ready to kill herself and her kids when Kings Landing was on the verge of defeat last time, rather than surrender.

Tyrion was totally barking up the wrong tree, and it showed when Cersei killed Missandei, anyway. You can argue that he was in a tough position, but we all know he should’ve appealed to Cersei’s sense of strategy and ambition rather than her emotions.

What Now?

The only thing that could redeem Tyrion from that episode is the possibility that Euron now knows the kid isn’t his. Afterall, he thought Cersei just found out she’s pregnant. But if Tyrion knew, then clearly the pregnancy is old news. This gives us a bit of hope…maybe it’ll fracture their alliance and Cersei will lose Euron’s loyalty?

Game of Thrones, please be kind to Tyrion. We know he keeps messing up but I’m out here looking for reasons to keep stanning. Dany might fire him in rage (pun intended), or maybe he’ll betray her completely and stage a coup for Jon with Sansa? Only the next episode can tell us…

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