WTF Shane Dawson?? YouTuber Apologises For Saying He Had Sex With His Cat

Okay so… On the list of things I didn’t expect to write about today, this one is pretty high up there. But apparently, controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson said he humped and jizzed on his cat.

In a series of tweets released by Dawson earlier today, he acknowledged that on a 2015 episode of his podcast Shane And Friends, he told a story about dry humping and jizzing on his cat. Rather eye-catchingly, the apology thread starts off with “I didn’t fuck my cat”. Okay, cool. Let’s read on.

You can catch the clip in the tweet below, but it’s pretty graphic and not super nice to hear. Also, NSFW so, headphones.

Shane Dawson is known for being shocking and OTT and often offensive in order to get a reaction, so there are plenty of people who are using that as a means to support him, but… look.

He goes on to say that the whole thing was based off a sketch idea he had that was never made. But honestly I’m struggling to find the comedy in it all. Like, what’s funny about that?

Shane Dawson has come under fire for a lot of his old content, and rightfully so. He’s had multiple characters which involved blackface and racist stereotypes. This is his latest in a string of apologies the YouTuber has had to make regarding old content.

Cancel culture is running wild across Twitter right now.

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