Ya Girl Arya Stark (I Mean, Maisie Williams) Belted Out ‘Let It Go’ For An Audi Commercial

A very ambitious pop culture cross-over.

Look out Old Spice guy, Arya Stark is coming for your neck – I mean, Maisie Williams is coming for you. And she’s singing Disney show-tunes while she does it.

The youngest Stark sibling has been recruited to star in the latest Audi commercial – premiered during the lucrative Super Bowl halftime slot – driving their new E-Tron Sportback.

We see her hop into the very sleek car and start driving. But she gets stuck in a traffic jam (or crash, idk; either way, there are heaps of heavy-emissions cars around), surrounded by angry drivers. To calm herself, she sings ‘Let it Go’ – the most well-known (and annoying) song from the OG Frozen movie and heads off to hoon about town.

Check it out, it’s definitely something.

It’s up there as one of the most ambitious pop culture cross-overs of recent times, and it’s definitely divided public opinions. Some Twitter users loved it, others didn’t care, while some straight-up “hated that nameless assassin girl singing frozen in an audi” (what an apt description, random Twitter user)

But there was one overriding question:

I’m not sure, buddy, I’m not sure. But it seems that they’ve tried to combine two of the most popular cultural moments of recent years (Frozen and Game of Thrones) and tried to smush every ounce of relevance out of them for a commercial.

But there’s one thing that’s for sure: if that is Miss Maisie’s voice featured sing-songing along in the commercial, ya girl has a serious set of pipes on her.

Love it or hate it, it’s a cute ad. And it’s done its job, we’re still talking about it. So, as far as ads go, the marketing team did its job.

Kudos to you, Audi’s marketing team. Kudos to you, Arya Stark / Maisie Williams.

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