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Yeah Nah, Why Saying No Is Good For Your Mental Health

As a self professed people pleaser I know it can be hard to tell people no. When they ask for your help, when they invite you out, when they ask basically anything. Saying no, even if you want to, can be hard to do. But it’s actually really important to allow yourself to do so if you want to maintain even a little bit of sanity.

In our modern world, where we’re all working upwards of 40 hours, expected to keep up a booming social life, and trying to keep on top of our physical health, saying no to things is exactly the mental break we need. If you’ve been dreaming of that Saturday morning sleep in, but your mate asks you out for breakfast, saying no won’t irreparably destroy your relationship, I promise.

You’ll have more free time

Now this is gonna be pretty obvious, but hang in there with me. Saying no to things will free up some more personal time. This is time that can be used towards self care, exploring hobbies, or just relaxing. Coming to the end of the silly season, no doubt we’ve all had 3+ months of drinking and social events. When was the last time you didn’t have any plans? It’s all well and good to have heaps of stuff on, but with work back in full swing, you don’t want to burn out.

Chance for some hard earned self care

Taking the night off, or even the whole weekend, is the perfect opportunity to practice some self care. Put on your fave house clothes, kick your feet up, order UberEats, and watch Netflix all night. Do a face mask and listen to music. Stay in on a Sunday and never get out of your PJs. If you’re less of a home body, chuck on your comfiest jeans and take yourself on a little cafe date, or a picnic at your favourite spot. Giving yourself the chance to indulge exactly what you want to do will help you free up some valuable brain space.

You’ll enjoy nights out waaaaaay more

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Going out every damn weekend can start to feel taxing, especially if you’re kicking off right on 5pm Friday and keep going until Sunday night. By giving yourself a few nights off, or having a full weekend in, you’ll enjoy your next night out all that much more. Plus, if you miss one or two nights, your friends will be so psyched when you come out. It’s like you’re a night out celebrity. And what’s better than walking up to a group of drunk friends cheering that you’ve arrived?

Saying no just feels so damn good

Have you ever agreed to something and immediately regretted it? Or have you felt that thing when something’s cancelled and the relief is so real you need a sit? Now imagine feeling that right at the beginning. Saying no to something that you don’t want to agree to is the most direct way to get those feelings. And it feels amaaaaazing.

Fewer hangovers

I mean. This is pretty self explanatory.

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