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YG’s Sexist Comments At Spilt Milk Prove We Got A Long Way To Go

Canberra music festival Spilt Milk has issued an apology on behalf of US rapper YG’s words during his set. During his performance at the festival on the 17th of November, YG demanded that female festival goers flash themselves. He then got his team out on stage and had them chant “show your titties”.

One punter, Taylor Jackson, spoke to the Canberra Times and said, “halfway through his performance he said: ‘I don’t leave any of my shows without seeing some titties. Everyone get your titties out’. And then he got his team up on stage and they started chanting it and chanting it.”

YG then went on to criticise the women’s bodies. He allegedly chose to shame those who did expose themselves by describing their breasts at “mosquito bites”. This is not the first time the rapper has been criticised for misogynistic behaviour during his shows.

Facebook commenters alleged that he made the same demands during a show in Sydney the week earlier. And last year, the Sydney Morning Herald reported similar behaviour during an all ages gig YG held in Brisbane.


After a criticism of the event and the set got some traction on their Facebook page, Spilt Milk issued a response.

“The comments made by YG on stage were not ok. When this behaviour goes unchallenged, we are part of the problem, not the solution. We thank the courageous people who have voiced their feelings, so this disrespectful and predatory behaviour is exposed for what it is.

We apologise that our stage was used in this manner and for not becoming aware sooner. YG’s comments in no way reflect the values of Spilt Milk and contradict our goals of a safe and inclusive space for all attendees. We can not, and will never, control an artist’s performance, but we will continue to focus our bookings on forward thinking artists that share our values.

To anyone who takes part in this discussion, please consider that many people experience this and other types of predatory behaviour daily. Take the time to listen, learn and be part of the change. If you do not take part respectfully your comments will be deleted.”

For some punters, the statement is too little too late. With some people suggesting that due to YG’s history, Spilt Milk should have known better than to add him to the line up in the first place.

At any rate, this situation has started a discussion about sexual harassment at festivals again – and it sadly proves we have a long way to go.

Image Source: Cole Bennetts/The Hack

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