You Can Now Take Your Pup To A Dog-Only Pool, ‘Cause They Deserve To Cool Down Too

So I’m sure it will surprise exactly no one when I say that it’s been hot. Really. Bloody. Hot. Australia is experiencing a country-wide heatwave, with the summer being close to unbearable. We, as people, have been quick to jump into any body of water possible: pools, the beach, inflatable paddling pools when times are really desperate.

Just one question: what do our furry friends do? They don’t have the same luxuries as we are afforded. This bastard of a summer is just as brutal for our pups as it is for us, so it’s high time they get a place to splash around too.

That’s right, a dog-only pool has opened at the southern end of Sydney Park. Sydney Park is one of the few off-leash parks in Sydney, so sure to be a dog heaven.

Treat your dog to a well-earned swim. Watch him like a proud parent from the sidelines.

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