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You Can Now ‘Unsend’ On Facebook Messenger And Holy Heck Our Drunken Selves Are Thankful

Mobile phone use when you’re seven bevvies deep is risky business. Drunken Insta scrolls have us throwing around  likes as if we’re freakin’ Opera giving out free cars and holidays. All of a sudden we just don’t give a flip.

This is obvs not a huge deal on Insta but what is definitely a huge deal is sending that risqué text to that person you swore you would bar all contact with.

In the past, once the message was sent out into the void, back-peddling was a luxury we couldn’t afford. Well drunken texters lacking self control, rejoice! Facebook has finally listened to our post-risqué-text cries of guilt and introduced a new feature that allows you to delete messages from Messenger conversations.

By tapping on the message you’ll have the option to unsend BUT  it’s only possible within 10 minutes. Essentially you’ve got 10 minutes to either own that sh*t or have it deleted for good, never to be read.

Hopefully a lot less ‘U up?’ texts will be shooting around when they really shouldn’t be, cheers Zuckerberg.

The unsend feature is available from today on the latest versions of iOS and Android Messenger.

Image Source: Giphy, Facebook 

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