You Have One More Chance To Get Lizzo Tickets Because She’s Playing Nova’s Red Room In Sydney

You + Lizzo + a boat on Sydney Harbour!

If you were one of the many disappointed people who missed out on tickets to Lizzo’s FOMO sideshows (refer to our previous article) your prayers have been answered. Lizzo is doing one more side show at Nova’s Red Room on Seadeck Sydney Harbour and I’ve never been so determined to get to tickets to something.

It’s one thing to see Lizzo at FOMO, it’s another thing to see her at one of her sideshows, but seeing her in all her glory on a GODDAMN BOAT? That’s on a whole other level. Lizzo has levelled up the game and this is not a drill.

So How TF Do You Get Tickets?


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Well, there’s no simple answer to that one. It’s the luck of the draw kiddos. You have to head on over to The Red Room website and tell them in 25 words or less “What track would you like to see Lizzo perform live in Nova’s Red Room and why?”

Whether your going with ‘Juice,’ ‘Boys,’ or ‘Truth Hurts’ – do your hair toss, check your nails and submit your answer.

If you want to party on a BOAT with this flute playing, thicc queen, you better get on it quick smart. Nova will be announcing winners on Friday 20th December, so you have up until then.

FOMO is on the 11th of January, so we imagine the special performance will be around then.


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Walk your fine ass out the door, and head over to! Good luck.

Image Sources: Instagram, Unsplash

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