You Okay, ScoMo? PM Suffers Possible Mental Break With This Cryptic Tweet

Ahh, election season. The smell of desperation, hot saussie sizzles, and social media intern sweat fills the air. Middle aged white men traverse city centres, uni campuses and coffee shops in a bid to seem relevant to “the youth”. People and their terrible opinions are seen getting into heated discussions about things they don’t know enough about over schooies in local pubs.

And most importantly, our politicians occasionally post bizarre and alarming things to their personal channels.

At 11:55 on Mother’s Day morning, ol’ ScoMo thought he’d take to twitter to announce his great plan for Australia. The result? This frankly baffling cluster of words.

I have questions.

1) What exactly is the “Promise of Australia”?

2) Does it involve useful things for safeguarding the country for the future and for our young people?

3) Or is it just more useless bullshit that serves no one else other than cashed up boomers with investment properties and Land Rovers?

Naturally, the rest of twitter also has some thoughts, questions, feelings.

Look, I’m not saying that he’s unfit to lead. But I’m also not not saying that.

What I am saying though is that it’s election poll day on the 18th of May, which is this weekend. I really think you should get down, get your democracy sausage, and have your say in the future of our government.

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