Your Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes For The Year Of The Pig Are Here

As you may know, the Chinese new year has arrived, and celebrations have kicked off. So in honour of the new year, TicToc by Bloomberg have released all of our Chinese Zodiac horoscopes.

According to Chinese astrology, 2019’s year of the Pig will be a pretty bloody good one in general. It’s gonna be a great year to make money, so time to get investing. As the Pig brings success to every aspect of our lives, it’s also gonna be a good year for happiness, luck, friendship and love. So for all you single pringles, time to up your Tinder game, it’s about to go off.

As for your individual horoscopes, you can catch TicToc’s breakdown below.

This year, Pigs should be hesitant with risks…

Rats better hustle if you wanna make them dollars.

If you’re an Ox, you’ll lose money, but spend it on travel to get loved up.

Tigers are gonna be in for a healthy year full of travel.

It feels fitting that Rabbits are gonna have an “open year” for love 😉

Okay so… if you’re a Dragon and want to find love… breathe on bae?

Snakes are gonna have “issues with your teeth, face or feet”… hopefully not all at once RIP.

Look, Horses are not directly getting great riches, but maybe a promotion? Cool I guess.

OOOOOOH GURL. Goats look out for an international bae coming your way! Euro Summer anyone?

Monkeys are in for a year of hypochondria apparently.

Roosters will have to make all the moves this year. Just try not to be a cock about it.

Awwww. Doggos are gonna get plenty of treats this year. What good bois.

Image Source: Tourism Malaysia

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