Your His And Hers Guide To Christmas Gifting

For the special guys and gals in your life.

Christmas shopping is so hard. To prevent another year of Coles/Myer gift cards for your mum, dad, brother, girlfriend or whoever the heck you’re shopping for, we have compiled a gift guide of the best gifts to give him or her this year. We’ve simplified it down to a single Christmas gift idea, but in different versions for him and her.

Ho, ho, hope you’ve been saving up!

1. A Streaming Service Subscription

FOR HIM: Kayo Sports

For only $25 a month, you can give that special dude in your life the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. On Kayo Sports, you can livestream pretty much any sport your heart desires in HD. The service features golf, boxing, MMA, surfing, tennis, US football, soccer, AFL, rugby league, cricket and everything bloody else.

FOR HER: Disney+

For $8.99 you can spoil the Disney Princess in your life with a selection of all her favourite old school Disney movies and TV shows on Disney+. She can indulge in binge watching Frozen, Freaky Friday, Hannah Montana or The Little Mermaid.

2. Society6 Art Prints

FOR HIM: A Music Poster

All boys like music, so if the recipient of your gift is a hip hop fan, opt for a cool poster like this ASAP Rocky one ($19.99). If your dude is more of an old school guy, a The Smith’s poster ($19.99) or a Queen poster ($19.99) will do the trick.

FOR HER: An Artwork On Canvas

Girls love decorating their bedrooms, it’s a fact of life. So I can guarantee the lovely ladies in your life will love a pretty artwork to hang on their wall like this Jungle Tiger painting, canvas print ($98.99). Or if she’s more of a fashion girl, These Boots canvas print ($116.99) is EVERYTHING!

3. A Card Game

FOR HIM: Buzzed

This card game ($34.99 on from the creators of pop culture fav, ‘What Do You Meme,’ claims to be “The Drinking Game That Gets You And Your Friends Wasted.” For your beer drinking bros, this game is the perfect gift and Christmas party starter. Players take turns drawing cards such as “drink twice if you’re using somebody else’s Netflix account,” and “player with the hottest Dad drinks (vote)” and the rest is history.

FOR HER: For The Girls Adult Party Game

This doozy ($42.99 on is also from the creators of ‘What Do You Meme.’ It includes ‘Truth Or Dare’ cards, ‘Most likely to…’ cards, ‘Whoever…’ cards, ‘Never Have Ever…’ and ‘Rapid Fire’ cards. These include dares such as “Post an Instagram story of a selfie from below (double chin must be included) and “Update your Facebook status to ‘It still itches’.” Christmas girls night just got wild.

4. A Carry Bag For Work Or Uni

FOR HIM: Saturdays NYC Tote

This canvas bag ($70 from The Iconic) is super understated and perfect for him to keep his life in midweek. He will also look super put together and stylish for upgrading the old backpack he’s had for the last two years.

FOR HER: Prene Neoprene Bag

This bag ($99.95 on The Iconic) is super popular because it’s so chic while also being practical. Ya girl can keep her work or uni life tucked away in this spacious tote, that will easily match all of her outfits. Trust me, she’ll love it.

5. An Experience

FOR HIM: Paintball

Give the lucky lad your Christmas shopping for a voucher to go paintballing. Because boys love shooting things and getting all down dirty, right? You can find a paintball experience in your area or grab a voucher from Redballoon like this one, for $59.00.

FOR HER: A Spa Treatment

Give the gift of relaxation this year, with a massage, floatation tank, facial or pedicure voucher. Again, you can find a day spa in your area, or book through Redballoon using a voucher like this one for a Tibetian head and shoulders massage for only $78.00.

5.  A Crosley Turntable

FOR HIM: Crosley UO Exclusive Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

This wooden record player looks so nice, it could almost pass as decorative. A record player is the perfect gift for music lovers or old souls. This one is $146.10 and is exclusively available via Urban Outfitters. 

FOR HER: Crosley UO Exclusive Snakeskin Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

The same concept but this one is in snakeskin print and I honestly don’t know a girl who wouldn’t love this. I have a Crosley player myself and it was the best purchase I ever made. They look hella cute and the sound is really good too. This one is also $146.10 exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

6. A Kitchen Appliance

FOR HIM: Kmart Drink Bottle Blender

This blender ($16.00 from Kmart) is basically a cheap NutriBullet. Boys need to blend up their protein shakes and all that jazz, so this blender is the perfect gift for the gym junkie in ya life.

FOR HER: Kmart Churros Maker

Ohhhh girls just wanna have churros maker !!! This sugary treat maker ($20.00 from Kmart) will make the perfect gift for the sweetest girls in your life.

7. Novelty Gift

FOR HIM: Spalding Over-The-Door Slam Dunk Mini Basketball Hoop

Because what guy wouldn’t want to play basketball from comfort of their bed? This one is $51.66 from Urban Outfitters. 

FOR HER: Rhinestone Tissue Box Cover

Because if she’s going to cry about boys, she should do it in style. This one is $57.57 from Urban Outfitters. 

8. A Pop Culture T-Shirt

FOR HIM: Cotton On Mickey Mouse Tee

Show your pal how well you know them by getting them a tee with their fav character, movie or tv show printed on it. This Mickey Mouse one ($19.99) is pretty cool, but the Graphic Tees section of the Cotton On website has heaps of other options to choose from.

FOR HER: Cotton On Dirty Dancing Tee

She definitely wants her fav chick flick printed on a t-shirt. This Dirty Dancing tee is only $19.99 but again, Cotton On has heaps of other options on their website to choose from.

9. Beats Headphones

FOR HIM: Solo Pro Beats Headphones

The Solo Pro Beats are the perfect over ear headphones for the coolest guy you know. They look so good, they’re almost an accessory. They come in six colours so there’s definitely bound to be one for everyone. You can buy them online from the Beats website for $429.95. 

FOR HER: Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro are the BEST workout earphones on the market, so for your sporty gals, look no further than these earphones this Christmas. They are also super sleek and stylish so she will look good while wearing them, which is also important. You can buy them online from the Beats website for $349.95. 

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