Your Millennial-Friendly Guide To Celebrating Monthly Anniversaries

Romance without the big spendz.

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be SO easy to fall into the lazy trap of, well, long-term relationships. Sure, it’s nice being super comfortable around one another, but you can get seriously lazy when it comes to habits and spicing it up a little. Particularly as a millennial or Gen Z, keeping up with monthly anniversaries between birthdays, holidays and family events can be EXPENSIVE. Not to mention, you run out of ideas eventually. So we’ve come up with some (actually exciting) ways to celebrate monthly anniversaries, sans the price tag.

Pack Your Picnic Basket

Nothing says romance quite like a picnic rug overlooking the water or in an empty field. If you’re feeling fancy, pop a bottle of champagne, but if you’re keeping it low key, takeaway pizza or sushi will also do the trick. Pair it with some cheap wine and you’re set. I can’t guarantee that’ll land you lucky later tonight, but look you haven’t hurt your chances.

Cook Together

If the only thing you’ve been cooking for the past month is instant noodles, it might be time to up your game. It doesn’t need to be of MasterChef quality, but cooking together can end two ways – with a visit form the local fire brigade or with two plates of delish goodness. Hopefully the latter. Cooking at home is not only budget-friendly but can be a real bonding experience for you and your S.O. If you want to earn some extra points, light some candles, get some cloth napkins and get a bottle (or three) of red.

Take A Class

Cooking class, dancing class, painting class. You name it, it probably exists. Not only will you learn some (somewhat) helpful life skills, these are a great opportunity for you and your S.O. to get some time together and get cheeky. They also make for a great present, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Weekend Camping/Outdoors Trip

No, I’m not talking about a family weekend trip. This date will be budget friendly and adventurous, need I say more? Pack your tent, drive up (or down) the coast and pitch said tent for a romantic night under the stars. Or even just book one of those bougie little city escape venues. Extra points here for a campfire, marshmallows or wine if you’re feeling wild.

Go To A Cheeky Adult Store

If you’re in it for the long run, there’s nothing like spicing things up in the longer months of your relationship. Take a trip to the adult store and don’t be afraid to get kinky. If don’t want to spend a whole lotta coin (or make the potentially awkward visit to the sex shop), but you need some spicing up without this trip, we’ve got you.

Image Source: NBC

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