Youth Unemployment Is DOUBLE The National Average As 600k Jobs Are Lost Due To Covid

What is even the point of these pressers with Scomo?

The latest unemployment stats have shown that almost 600,000 jobs have been lost due to coronavirus – with the youth unemployment rate more than DOUBLE the national average of 6.2%, at 13.8%.

Scott Morrison has given a presser on the unemployment rates coming out of our corona-ravaged society, and to no one’s surprised he doesn’t say much outside of the usual waffle and ‘Australian values’ bullshit he typically spouts.

Youth Unemployment Is High As Ever, And There Seems To Be No Real Plan To Fix It

Despite being asked a myriad of questions on JobKeeper, youth unemployment rates and the fact that the Australian public has been pretty fucked over jobs-wise, Scomo continuously spouted long, waffling statements about how we are “all in this together”, and the importance of “Australian values”, ironically including ‘transparency’ as a key Australian trait.

How are we “all in this together” when Scott Morrison’s salary is more than half a million dollars? Or that our government just offered $3 billion to private schools, without giving public schools a second thought?

Speaking of schools, apparently reopening schools was part of Scott Morrison’s plans to target youth unemployment. How those two correlate at all, I have no idea. Scott Morrison wasn’t very transparent about that either.

And so the task and the message I have for those young people is that’s why I have been so forward leaning, whether it has been the reopening of schools which has been on Treasury’s advice. One of the most key areas to unlock and reopen our economy,“he said.

While I can see the relationship between schools being open and parent’s abilities to work, I don’t see how this relates to youth unemployment, which has been incredibly high and stagnant since before coronavirus. Youth unemployment refers to 15-24 year olds, who I don’t think are as impacted by schools being closed as Scott Morrison implies.

Journo Shalailah Medhora from Triple J called out the fact that youth unemployment has been stagnant with no improvement despite government programs such as Jobs Path, but Scott Morrison just… didn’t answer her?

I don’t agree with the premise in your question, I mean the premise of the facts of your question that just simply not right,” he said, before refusing to answer her.

The thing is… she’s literally right. It’s a fact that youth unemployment has been much higher than the national average for years – last year it was over 12%, which is still double the current national unemployment rate (and this rate itself is higher because of coronavirus).

If ignoring facts is an Australian value, then Scomo is nailing that one.


Scott Morrison said that stimulus plans (including JobSeeker and JobKeeper) will be reviewed in June, and depending on how the economy is at the time, they may be stopped earlier than September.

We don’t want an Australian economy that’s propped up by subsidies,” he said, in regards to JobKeeper and JobSeeker being temporary.

While we always knew the payments were temporary, Scott Morrison’s comments on it are… hypocritical to say the least. Are we forgetting that the fossil fuel companies destroying our planet, which Scott Morrison consistently defends, literally survive on subsidies?

This presser seems to have given us more questions than answers, and in true Scomo fashion, seems to be a waste of time. What actual bullshit.

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