You’ve Been Using Twitter Wrong – This Boy Raked In 235k Followers From Patting Doggos 

There’s a lot of drama brewing right now (ie James Charles has been cancelled, didn’t you know?) So in what is a welcomed break from the usual pop cultural melodrama that floods my news feed, this doggo-petting 10 year old boy is a decent dose of heart-warming content. Thank the heavens for this Twitter feed, I can no longer withstand this Tati vs James Charles shit…who the heck is Tati anyway?

Anyway, say hello to Gideon. He’s the 10 year old boy who’s dedicated his entire Twitter feed to all the four legged friends he’s ever had the honour of petting. That right, ‘honour’ – this kinda stuff is extremely important and deserves some high brow terminology.

Gideon as over 235k Twitter followers and whilst I’m trying not to compare my measly Instagram following (more like scattering of friends, family and desperate start-up fashion brands), I totally understand that a type of feed like Gideon’s deserves such support. Praise Gideon, please, he is the doggo-loving friend we all need. Also, please appreciate his extremely detailed captions of each doggo’s authentic temperament and likes/dislikes/chew toy of choice. This is the kind of authenticity my Insta captions obviously lack. 

My personal favourite.

Gideon has also pretty much ventured into influencer territory now, too. Brands are sending him chew toys and treaties to give to the doggos…my heart is melted.

The moral of this story is that doggos are worthy of worship and you really should re-consider how you use Twitter – that is all.

Sources: @IvePetThatDog

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