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Zendaya Just Shot A Secret Movie During Lockdown And Twitter Is Going Wild

Zendaya really is THE moment.

So, Zendaya just randomly posted a still of her and John David Washington with the caption “Malcolm & Marie”, and now it’s come out that she literally produced and completed a film with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson in just a couple of weeks under quarantine restrictions, IN SECRET.

Deadline has posted what little details are out about the secret project  – Zendaya hit up Sam Levinson after production of Euphoria was temporality shut down, asking if he could write and direct a movie in quarantine conditions. Six days later he had “cracked” out what is now Malcom & Marie.

We know that there were heaps of safety measures, with masks and social distancing, seperate living and eating quarts for staff, rooms with individual HVAC systems. No one left the building they were staying in for the duration of production.

The entire team took multiple COVID tests, everyone isolated for two weeks beforehand, and there were never more than 12 people on set at any given time.

The movie is apparently comparable to Marriage Story (!!), but with pandemic and quarantine themes. We don’t know anything else about the plot, but what we do know is we are SCREAMING. And so is Twitter, which is totally in melt down.

i can’t believe we’re going to see zendaya playing a married woman in a movie she produced and bankrolled. she IS the moment.

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