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How To Take Better Instagram Snaps

People make a living off Instagram, spruiking diet teas and other sponsored posts. Or those people you follow just outside your immediate circle with their perfectly composed shots of constant outings. Prolific selfie taker Kim Kardashian even admitted to taking 6,000 images on a holiday in Mexico. But for the everyday user what makes a good Insta snap? We got the expert tips to making your Insta that little bit more captivating.

Use Your Phone But Edit It Well

“When I’m use my iPhone 6 for photography, I edit images with my two favourite photography apps: Afterlight and VSCO cam. I hook on a wide-angle for landscapes because I feel that the perspective is very narrow.”

The Love Assembly @theloveassembly

Don’t Use The Camera App To Take Photos

“Since I came to know about mobile photography, ProCamera 8 is the only app I used for all my work.ProCamera 8 is an iOS photo, video, and editing app bursting with state-of-the-art technology. The best part about this paid app is you get the same level of control as with a DSLR or compact camera.However, just like camera, apps can only help you achieve the quality of the image, not the content.”

Thomas Lim @thomaslimphotography

Lighting and Focus Are Key

“Avoid direct and harsh sunlight. Diffused and natural lighting is always best for shooting. I use my iPhone’s Plus when shooting. Some people prefer using a DSLR and then transferring the image to their phones. Be careful not to capture a blurry image and to focus on the subject matter which you are shooting.”

Li-Chi Pan @lichipan

Be Observant

“Never forget to look up. Sometimes you find the coolest places in the most unexpected locations! that’s why you just have to go out there and explore everything!”

Demas Rusli @demasrusli

Camera and Training Aren’t Everything

“I’m 100% self taught. Never really saw the need to do a course but I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I’m the kind of person who buys something and doesn’t read the instructions [Laughs]. Sometimes it fails … sometimes it works! I’m kind of embarrassed to say but I’ve only really had a decent camera over the past 3 years.”

Jason Charles Hill @jasoncharleshill

Timing is Everything

“Right place at the right time. At what time do I focus on who and how much time do I focus on them. It takes one mistake to miss THAT shot! Focus, learn and capture.”
Aleksander Jason – @thatfootballphotog

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