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How To Enjoy Take-out Without Trashing Your Health Kick

UberEats junkee? Can’t exist without a little Deliveroo at your door or perhaps that pink Foodora lettering sets your heart a flutter?  Thanks to the convenience of meals on wheels (of the two or four variety),  we tend to eat for a hibernation that never comes. No an Aussie winter does not qualify for hibernation. A recent survey of young Aussies found 12% said becoming too engrossed in a Netflix show warranted ordering in and we tend to agree. And with most of us existing in a constant state of binge, it’s not surprising we take this approach to food too.

For all those #cleaneaters and #fitspo models promoting a life free of junk, we’re calling your bluff. 99% of Australians eat some form of junk food throughout the week, according to CSIRO research. And while our love of delivery is not directly tied to a love of unhealthy fare, we’re not lazy, we’re just time poor ok? So we’ve enlisted the wise women behind The Biting Truth, Anna and Alex to help us to have our take out and it be healthy too.

β€œWhen it comes to making recommendations from a dietitian’s perspective – as a general rule of thumb, look for menu items that include vegetables, a lean protein option (for example: grilled chicken or fish) and wholegrain carbohydrates” say Anna and Alex.

Despite a proliferation of Tasty vids and Masterchef success stories, less than 1 in 5 young Aussies feel confident in their cooking ability. More How To Basic than Jamie Oliver if we’re self evaluating. This lack of confidence in the kitchen can make the nutritional information mystifying. So we fall back into junk habits, an ever more comforting and unhealthy cycle. Here’s The Biting Truth’s expert advice to the dietary rescue.


Anything that reads crispy in the description is off the menu for you, what it really means is fried. Instead of honey chicken in all it’s succulent glory look to vegetable based dishes with seafood or chicken, stir-fries, sushi, clear soups, and salads with zing like Thai beef. The poke trend isn’t going anywhere and it’s a no brainer for fusion loving health nuts. Nosh delivers the goodness right to Melbournites doors. Or Miss Chu’s famous parcels of vietnamese goodness are an excellent option.


Push past the urge to devour a whole serving of cheesy naan and fill up on hearty fare. Vegetable or lentil dahl, dry curries and lean meat dishes. Tandoori chicken is a great flavoursome option without the too full filling, go to your local noshery and dive into a serve, like Malabar.

Burgers & Sangas

If the local chicken shop delivers or your craving for burgers unsettling, there’s still a way to enjoy. Look to grilled steak sandwiches or a chicken burger with salad, just make sure to watch the sauces and sides. It’s best if you don’t get fries with that. Don’t pass up an opportunity to tuck into a juicy Chur Burger, just have a grilled chicken masterpiece instead of your usual beast burger.


Ah just like a mama makes it! If you’re feeling like a slice or two the whole damn pizza bypass your fast food options in favour of a more authentic cookery. Look for thin base pizzas, or why not share a pizza and order a salad. If it’s the carb loading slurp of pasta you desire  choose tomato-based pasta dishes over creamy dishes. Look to traditional places like Mad Pizza E Bar, where the pizza menu is complimented with a salad offering beyond just leaves and onions a toss.


No need to ditch your usual Mad Mex haunt or hang up your sombrero, just be a little savvier with your choices. Leave the tortilla out and get a serving of spicy salad or naked burrito bowl instead. Hold the sour cream and dive on in.

Now you’re equipped with the expert assistance, go forth and eat in with confidence. Healthier choices await your next delivery.

Image source: Concrete Playground,  I’m Still Hungry, Idealog, Liven, Mad Pizza E Bar, Tokyo Tina. 

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