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Absolutely Must Watch Netflix Films With Amazingly Powerful Female Leads

Oh yes what a day. If you haven’t already been inundated with good vibes celebrating all the fabulous women around the world, well you maybe just haven’t been on the Internet.

So let’s keep the gal pal train chugging along, shall we? If you’re gearing up for a cozy night in, we’ve put together a sneaky list of our favourite females-to-the-front films that’ll have you vibing and inspired. There all available on Netflix and I without a doubt believe you’ll be ready to dominate just as much as these leading fem fatales.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman. Because women are nothing but, down right wonderful. Watch Gal Gadot absolutely slay the big screen as she’s trained from princess to warrior. With a star studded cast this is an inspiring watch in so many different ways.

Mamma Mia!

Any movie with Meryl Streep is immediately legendary. Join Amanda Seyfriend in her quest to finding her father before her big day. Revel with her as she realises the only person she needs to feel complete is in fact, herself. It’s a beautiful excuse for me to karaoke my way through the night, shamelessly out of key and totally in good faith.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Five foot two but mightier than most. This is an intimate look into Gaga behind the scenes, totally raw and discussing a whole range of topics all women can relate to. Look at how she grapples with expectations of the music industry and ultimately, turns stereotypes on their heads with her fearless attitude. A must watch.

Julie & Julia 

Ok Meryl Streep reappears on this must-watch list of films with strong female leads because well, she’s flawless and literal goals. This is the story of amateur chef, Julie, as she quits her 9-5 grind to pursue her lifelong goal of completing each and every one of Julia’s (Meryl Streep’s) delectable meals. It’s girl power meets ultimate girl power here.


Despite only being a 16-year-old character, Ellen Page’s Juno is remarkably impressive. Teen pregnancy is something we can often take for granted, and the beauty of this film is Juno dealing with an already stressful teenage life, with a baby thrown in the mix. “Dealing with things way beyond my maturity,” is still one of my favourite movie lines ever, because doesn’t that just with a personal heartstring?

We’ve all been there, and it just makes you realise how sincere Juno’s character is.


Hanna is a sixteen year old girl trained to be the perfect assassin. Need I say more? A must watch if you’re into drama/thriller/action all rolled into one sweet, empowering package. Saoirse Ronan does an absolutely incredible job for this film, this girl deserves a standing ovation.

There you go ladies. Watch, binge and be inspired. 

Image Source: The 405, IMDb. 

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