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How To Afford A Move Overseas

Restless? London calling? If that move overseas has been a niggling dream for all too long then this is for you. Moving overseas can be a daunting task, the logistics alone may scare you off. And once you’ve overcome those dilemmas, there’s the money issue. Working, living decently and saving don’t have to be at odds. And you’ll be happy to hear the saving measures don’t involve staying at home and existing on canned food. So renew your passport and lay-by that flight – you’ll soon be off!

Pick somewhere you can afford

This may seem counter-intuitive to that call to the ever expensive London town. By picking a city you can comfortably afford to live in you’re guaranteed a little more room to move. Getting a job overseas, finding a place and settling in are not easy tasks; so it’s best to not be living below the line before you even arrive. You’re travelling across the globe or even just across an ocean to experience your chosen city but if you’re so strapped for cash when you get there, what’s the point? Do a search for cities outside of the big centres or switch up your destination to something a little more liveable on your budget.

Plan, budget and research – a lot

Once you’ve locked in your city it’s time to plan, budget, research and repeat. Moving overseas can be a mountain of forms and nitty gritty nightmares. It’s far from pack your suitcase and leave. But by doing solid research you can budget accordingly. Facebook groups and Reddit are superb for getting the lowdown from locals and other expats, so get searching. Assume the worst and you’ll be fine, finance wise. Your landing will be incredibly rough if you arrive without a little cash cushioning in case of emergencies. Calling Mum and Dad shouldn’t be your last resort, not a first port of call now you’re all grown up.

Earn a little on the side

Upping you cash flow is essential to moving overseas. The flight alone may be astronomical but as mentioned before, your budget will be a lot less restrictive if you have an extra dollar/pound/yen handy. For some with stamina after that full time slog, a Thursday night retail job, babysitting gig, weekend cafe shift or imparting your wisdom on school students. But for those of us with full time that doesn’t resemble the 9-5 this can be trickier. Think outside the box a little and sell yourself and your skills. Creative? Sell your wares on Etsy. Savvy? Pawn secondhand shop finds on Ebay. Whatever your talent, monetise it and reap the rewards when you’re enjoying the booze in your new foreign land.

Prioritise your expenses

Sure you want to travel, but the reality of everyday life can sometimes stop you at the convenience store. Budgeting and planning is all well and good, but if you don’t implement it, what’s the point? Have a serious think about your necessities in life and rid yourself of everything else. Do you really need a gourmet cafe lunch everyday or the newest sneakers?  Set some concrete goals and track everything. This way you can hold yourself accountable, and be rewarded with a wonderful adventure overseas.

You don’t have to be a hermit or risk being branded a recluse. Stay social on the cheap by being a little more savvy. Happy hour was made for times like this or catchup over free things. Free museums, free events and as many opening events you can get an invite to.  Or perhaps cook for that friend of yours and impress them with your culinary prowess. Saving doesn’t have to mean cheapskate, it’s just about being smart.

Sell everything you own

Look, not everything you own but a lot of it. Moving abroad can see your space dwindle and the cost of hauling it all across continents will alarm you. Seriously, any expat will tell you they would love to post themselves and their possessions one by one back and forth than endure the overseas freight business. Less stuff means less cash on transport and hey a whole new streamlined you. Declutter and sell whatever is worth a dime online.

Stay motivated

Think of the end goal, living a fantastic cultured life where your party trick of a bogan accent is a real novelty. What a treat. New people, new tastes, new sounds and a whole lot of new sights. Plus an exciting chance to climb the career ladder in this new place. Set countdowns, lookup your new home frequently and get excited. Rather than rewarding yourself with materialistic things along the way think of the home stretch. When you’re sipping pints in Hackney or strolling along cobblestones in Italy this hard work will well and truly be worth it.

Image source: Business Destinations, Daily Urbanista, My Cafe Supplies, US News, Sydney.

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