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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Space In A Tiny Bedroom

Most of us know the feeling of moving out of the family nest, with a fresh grasp on life and the saccharine hope of a new beginning (ah, youth). You’ve paid the bond and the first week’s rent, packed your things and have gone to move into your new pad. You take a deep breath, turn the key, and shuffle your way to your void bedroom and “oh my lord, wait, was the room always this tiny?”

Trying to manage the many twists and turns of life requires us to make some compromise in order to progress as adults, namely compromises that consist of money and what these funds can bring us in terms of living space (at least for a little bit). There are ways around this issue, however, all it takes is a bit of thought and handiness.

#1 Loft Beds

This is probably the greatest invention known to man, if you have the joy of living in a small bedroom.  One option is a loft bed with the ability to store things underneath it. You may think it’s a little childish, but it works a bloody charm. You can fit anything from a wardrobe, work desk or shelves underneath it, which not only leaves you with a cosy nook, but also gives you more freedom to roam about your space.

#2 Under-Bed Storage

The second option for taking advantage of space is under-bed storage, which obviously isn’t as fun as a loft bed, but still does the trick. You can either purchase a bed with drawers, or you can buy thin boxes that are able to fit under a normal bed. Either way you’ll be able to fit books, clothes or other bits and bobs inside them and push them out of sight, giving off the illusion that you’re a neat human who has their life together.

#3 Shelving

In a small room, shelving will also be your best friend. This is an opportunity to get creative with the type that would work best for the space you’re in too. If you’re wanting something more subtle, you could opt for a corner shelf (either standing or nailed to the wall) and put what you think is necessary on them. Due to the shape of the corner shelf, you might put plants, pictures, or other decoration up. Other shelving units might hold items like records and a music player, jewellery and various boxes designated for different types of things.

#4 Over The Door Storage

Things that are able to hook over the back of doors are very useful when trying to make the most of what little space you have at your disposal. Over the door hangers can be used for simple things like bags, scarves and other accessories that you may need to grab before heading out. It’s great for limiting the things you have on the floor and makes everything appear more organised. You can get items like these for cupboard as well, which are good for holding things like shoes and cords you may need every once in a while.

#5 Hanger Hack

If you have a small bedroom, it’s likely that your cupboard will be tiny as well, whether it be built in or bought and made. This can make it difficult if you have a tendency to hoard clothes (you’ll get around to wearing it all, right?) Turns out there is a way to partially solve this that will provide you with more room in your closet. All it takes is soft drink opener tags (or purchasing something that imitates this) and hooking them around the hanger. This ultimately means you’ll be able to fit multiple items of clothing onto the one hanger. How’s that for making the most of space?

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