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5 Artists Putting Ballarat On The Map

There’s amazing music coming from all corners of Australia, but rarely are artists in regional areas given props for absolutely killing it with their sounds. Triple J Unearthed does some great legwork, but we’re here to give these guy’s a much deserved nod. These five Ballarat legends prove that not all great music comes from a big city.

#1 The Second Sex

Formed in early 2016, The Second Sex are unapologetic, relentless but overall zealous in their approach to hard-hitting punk rock. By no means disguising their feminist rock approach, their music is that of empowerment whilst crushing misogyny around them. Pay attention to this band as they are sure to become a prominent Australian riot grrrl act.

#2 Freya Josephine Hollick

Seamlessly pairing folk with the charm of vintage country, Freya is an old soul and that’s a rare breed of musician. Fiddles, dobro or mandolin, it doesn’t matter; Freya draws out whimsical sounds from these instruments that are sorely missed from today’s mainstream music. If you want a glimpse into a life that was well before your time, dust off your vinyl player and give A Man Is The Water a spin.

#3 Trillionayers

Making huge waves in Ballarat, Trillionayers are bound to conquer Australia’s rock scene with gusto. Drawing on the best of grunge and hammering it into a psych-rock frame, the end result is a vociferous and beautifully complex sound that compels you to pay attention. Arguably one of the rawest sounds you’ll come across this year, Trillionayers are making it their imperative for all of Australia to hear them from their sleepy town. Crank your volume to the max and blast Alive.

#4 Desert Mules

Easy going and lovers of a good time, Desert Mules are a surf rock band to sit back, relax and enjoy. With a light sound ranging from the soft percussion and dimmed vocals, Desert Mules create a setting for you to chill out to, not worrying about a single thing around you. Their current offering is limited but The Mexican Song can be kept on an endless loop without any problems or desire to press next.

#5 Bel Air

Bel Air liven up their genre space with their infectious indie pop. Clever, smooth and undeniably catchy, Bel Air are a journey that needs to be experienced. As they’ve been relatively quiet of late, murmurs of new music have jumped up, so you better stay tuned to these boys now before they blow up as the year rolls on. Their last release Move will hopefully keep you going while you wait.

This is only the tiniest speck of talent coming out of Ballarat, if you’re road-tripping through the town or are a lucky local, show some of these bands some love when they play a show.

Image source: Alexander Jason Photography.

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