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5 Next Big Local Fashion Talents

With the likes of Toni Maticevski, Dion Lee and Susien Chong the powerhouse behind enchanting lace label Lover, having all graced the same halls, it’s no wonder that Sydney fashion design institutions are a hub of burgeoning creativity. Destined for success on these sandy shores and wildly popular abroad. When their graduate collections are this spectacular, you know big things are just around that proverbially chic corner. So mark our words when they’re showing in New York or captivating fashion doyennes in Paris, these artists are setting their sights high and rightly so.

#1 Ann Xiao

Currently on display at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum as part of Student Fashion a celebration of Sydney graduate designers, you can see her 3D printed wares and graphic unisex pieces for yourself until October. Under the label ANX Designs, Ann has brought her stylistic craftsmanship to bring to life a weave of contradictions. Gendered dressing nowhere in sight, printed calligraphy (a nod to her Chinese heritage) sits aside 3D printed filament; on pieces that feel ready for streetwear shots and runway struts already. An intersection of identity, technology, art and fashion, that makes for truly captivating viewing courtesy of the Sydney TAFE graduate.

#2 Laura Davis

A mix of lustre and texture, Laura’s interpretation of Japanese influences and a decidedly not typically pretty aesthetic beg for a second look. Layered works meet uncommon silhouettes and a penchant for texture that leaps from the garment. It may look upon first glance a textured fabric sewn to shape, but actually the work is hand woven then screen printed for extra pearlescent depth. There’s a focus on the process for this Raffles grad and when the finished work is this masterful you can see why.

#3 Meredith Bullen

The former Orange local brings Australiana to the high fashion stage, all woven textures and denim workwear reimagined. The dusty landscape of her hometown comes to life in each piece, with a twinge of the working man’s aesthetic thrown into the mix. Not to mention those voluminous sleeves filled with hand toiled wool and amplified with textured craftsmanship. Meredith is headed off,  from UTS off to the finery of Parsons Design School in NYC to further her craft; what better a talent to fly the flag abroad.

#4 Erin Pritchett

Whitehouse Design’s pick of her class, Erin Pritchett‘s work is a fine balance of artful layers and delicate intricacy. Inspired by origami and the refined use of folding, her garments are experimental brilliance. The QLD designer honed her craft here in Sydney and the result is this stunning collection of works aglow. View the process behind her pieces at The Powerhouse Museum’s Student Fashion display courtesy of the attached creative box beside each designer’s work. The white layered skirt on display is a particular wonder, light as air in looks but 17 layers in practice.

#5 Yousef Akbar 

The master of avant garde made wearable, Yousef finessed his eye for design at Sydney TAFE just last year but he’s already a red carpet hit. Having dressed the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Rowland with his wares, you know the glamorous craftsman has a glitzy future ahead. His garments take on the female form with unique precision, highlighting and cascading the body with exquisite results. Yousef leaves no edge unconsidered nor any closure unadorned, just look at that mesmerising gold bar finish.

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