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Netflix Films With Amazingly Powerful Female Leads

Oh yes what a day. If you haven’t already been inundated with good vibes celebrating all the fabulous women around the world, well you maybe just haven’t been on the internet.

And we’re going to keep the train chugging along. If you’re gearing up for a cozy night in, well we’ve put together a sneaky list of our favourite females-to-the-front films that’ll have you vibing and inspired. All available on Netflix, you’ll be ready to dominate just as much as these leading fem fatales.

Miss Congeniality

How can anyone dislike Sandra Bullock in her sassy prime? It’s almost like Gracie Heart was put together with various parts of numerous female personalities. Starting off as the care-free tomboy, she never loses her roots, but definitely embraces some feminine traits along the way. And it’s that mix of talents that makes Bullock’s character one of the best females to ever grace the big screen.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Look we doubt many of you really need a reason to get around such a classic film, but BJD is a brilliant film for many reasons. From the start many of us I’m sure can identify with Renée Zellweger’s / Bridget’s issues, and it immediately makes things relatable. And that’s maybe the best part. Bridget isn’t out there fighting crime or solving mysteries – she’s an everyday ‘gal just like us that isn’t really over-commercialised, and thats strong in it’s own right.


All of the mems. It’s become such an iconic animated film, that is literally embedded with nostalgia. We of course see Mulan join the Chinese Army to prevent her ageing father from being drafted in. The result is a heartfelt journey for Mulan that has become so etched into our minds. From wider societal issues around women not being able to do traditionally male associated jobs, to social division, we see it all.


Despite only being a 16-year-old character, Ellen Page’s Juno is remarkably impressive. Teen pregnancy is something we can often take for granted, and the beauty of this film is Juno dealing with an already stressful teenage life, with a baby thrown in the mix. “Dealing with things way beyond my maturity,” is still one of my favourite movie lines ever, because doesn’t that just with a personal heartstring? We’ve all been there, and it just makes you realise how sincere Juno’s character is.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Possibly one of the first action hero females that was just straight badass. Angelina Jolie in her fierce prime, showcasing strength, nuance and confidence for days. The film itself is solid, while of course never quite stepping into Inception plot territory, but let’s be real. Jolie’s fabulously engaging performance is one to remember.

Easy A

I remember the trailer for Easy A on TV. A bunch of friends scoffed at this idea of Emma Stone essentially running around on screen getting freaky with guys left right and centre. Funny how that sort of defines the main themes of the film, hey? One of the biggest issues females face is this idea where if you have an active sex life, you get labelled till the cows come home. Meanwhile if you do the same as a guy, you’re a smooth player stud who has it all. This film bends a few of those ideologies via an actress who just keeps on killing it.

Moulin Rouge

Okay, Moulin Rouge is a good, fun, film. But it’s the film clip for the title track cover that really gets us going. The modern remake of Lady Marmalade featuring Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya and Lil’ Kim is just outrageously sexy, empowering and confident. It’s become one of the biggest female anthems worldwide, and we love that it still gets dropped on the regular at clubs and bars across the world. Watch the full video in all it’s fablousness here.

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