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DIY Hacks For Your Home

Aside from the mortgage, rent and other responsibilities that come with having your own home, it can also be really fun. There are an array of options for DIY hacks, but the ones listed below are sure to make a statement around the house. Anyone who visits will be definitely want a home style just like yours.

#1 Lightbulb Bud Vase

With this DIY trick, you can save money in multiple ways. Make the switch to use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent ones. This is the perfect hack to make use of the bulbs you won’t be using. Peel off the contact at the base of the bulb using pliers and crack the black glass at the base with a hammer (since you’re breaking things, consider doing this outside.) Insert a ¼ inch Allen wrench in the outside tube and pull out the innards of the bulb through the hole. Next, create a stand using an aluminium welding rod which you sculpt to your desire. Then all that’s left to do is to put some water and your favourite plant/ flower inside. Be prepared for all the envy you’ll be receiving for this innovative vase!

#2 Wine Cork Bath Mat

With the holiday season over, there may have been quite a bit of liquor consumed (no judgements here!) Getting back into the swing of work, you may want to pop open another bottle. Put your leftover wine corks to use and start to create your newest bath mat. Once you’ve compiled a fair amount, cut them each in half with a pocket knife. Next, arrange them into a rectangle with the flat sides down onto a non-adhesive shelf liner (cut to the size you’re after.) Glue them on starting with the outer section first and then the rest of it. This will be the perfect rustic design that will really give your bathroom that something extra.

#3 Invisible Bookshelf

Have a blank wall in your home just crying to be decorated? There are a tonne of ways you could fill the wall up, but opt for something unique and declutter some of your things a little more. You’ll need a few materials to build this one, but most of which you can find around the house, so it’s really easy. Hang a decent sized L bracket on the wall and place books onto it – some opt to cut the book to fit with the L bracket. You could make one of these bookshelves or even multiple ones scattered around the wall for an illusion of floating book clouds.

#4 Boxes Into Baskets

Whether you’ve recently moved into a home, or are looking for a way to spice up your storage space, this little trick can be really useful. All you need is a cardboard box, muslin fabric and jute. With only three bits of material, it’s immensely easy to assemble. Cut the flaps off the box, wrap the jute around it (and keep wrapping) until you reach the top. Next, you cut the muslin fabric to fit and voila! You’re now free to add anything you want to it and store a bunch of your stuff.

#5 Recycled CD Coasters

Want to save money and help the environment (plus feel like a hero in the process)? Then these recycled DIY coasters are the perfect, fun project. Considering technology keeps evolving and adapting, CDs and DVDs are becoming more obsolete. Put your own creative spin (no pun intended) on these and decorate them whichever way you want. A good idea would be to pick colours to match the part of your home you’ll be placing them in. Simply get the material you’d like – which could be something as simple as wrapping paper – place the CD on top of it and trace. Sand off the side with a design/writing, spray 2 coats of primer onto it and glue the fabric on it once the primer is dry. Easy peasy.

Image source: Instructables (Harshkashyap), Bless This Stuff and Crafts By Amanda

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