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How To Make Cash At Uni And Not Fail ‘Ya Degree

We’re already flying through 2018, and for you students out there, that means only one thing. A return to campus… eugh.

And while the first few weeks of uni are often fun and cruisey, catching up with mates, smashing beers at 11am and getting amongst back to uni parties, the novelty all dies rather quickly when you have five essays due in one week and a group assignment with the biggest bunch of do-no-work-ers in class.

That’s all without even trying to get a part time job to afford a social life outside of the lecture room. But alas poor millennials, there is hope for us yet. From the traditional to more modern outlets, we’ve never been blessed with more options to make a bit of cheeky ca$h on the side, so here’s how to stock your bank account and not screw up your units.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Okay seriously, not even I can believe this is a thing these days – but yes, you can get paid to literally take care of animals. From dog walking to cat sitting, and almost everything else you can imagine, someone will pay you to do it. Of course you’d probably do it for free anyways, but now you’re getting cash it’s a deadset winner. Companies like Pawsome, Pawshake, Home Alone and even Gumtree will sort you out. We’re talking $25 or so just for one walk at times! Certainly beats dealing with the mid-life crisis mum at your retail job.

Sometimes people will pay you to house + pet sit when they go away too. You get your own little crib to chill in for a few days/weeks and all you have to do is pat and play with a Golden Retriever.

Become A Student Brand Ambassador

If you’re not already on the ambassador bandwagon, it’s time to stop procrastinating and jump right on. A tonne of brands (and sometimes even your uni themselves) are always looking for students to rep them on campus – and they’re prepared to lay down some dollarydoos to get you on board. And they’re not boring brands, we’re talking companies you already are a fan of. For example, UNiDAYS are currently looking for a tonne of you to become brand ambassadors for them on campuses around Australia, so basically put it this way – they will pay you to run cheeky events on campus, post on social media and generally be a legend around campus. Tough gig, that.

If you ever had dreams of becoming an influencer (or you’re just fed up of delivering pizzas to angry dads), this is your get out clause. There are heaps of brands on the look out, so keep your eyes open and apply for opportunities like the above to get some experience (and get paid.)

Sell Your Skills

We’re pretty lucky to live in a digital world where it’s never been easier to freelance and legitimately turn what seems like your minimal skills, into a pay cheque. Sites like UpWork and Freelancer will let you list your skills and what price per hour you work for (don’t price yourself out of the equation by going too high.) The beauty is that you can also pitch for projects, and when you do work on this they look epic on your resume as well when you’re done with uni.

However, if you’re keen to do things a bit less brain-straining Airtasker is your BFF. From cleaning houses, to pick ups/deliveries, cooking, gardening and construction, it’s damn bloody easy to make an account and start doing gigs. Best part? You pick your shifts.


Start A Side Hobby (Ie Sell Jewellery, T-Shirts, Art)

A flatlay with a t-shirt, a camera, a notebook and various trinkets on a table

If you’re more of a creative type, don’t worry we didn’t forget about you. Maybe you’re a hobby designer, you make T-Shirts, bracelets, chains or other jewellery. From the ASOS Marketplace, to Etsy and Zazzle, there are a tonne of options to get you started – even when you have absolutely no clue how to use tools like Photoshop or InDesign.

So turn that little side project into a real project and you could be earning $$$ sooner than you think.

Start Tutoring

If you’re a fan of more old school methods, tutoring is almost a never-ending option. The main thing here is to be smart about how you approach it. How many younger cousins, siblings or friends-of-friends do you have or know? Have a chat to the parentals about it, because goodness knows that your lawyer uncle who lives in a three story house will pay you a little bit more than $18 an hour for you (a ‘wise’ uni student) to tutor his nine-year-old daughter about basic math.

Get Social

Businesses have never been more in need of us young, tech-savvy millennials to help them bring their business into the 21st century. So approach mutual friends or people you know who might need an Instagram makeover, or someone who actually knows how to use Snapchat. Maybe offer to do it for free initially or for a low-cost, so when you show them that you know what you’re doing they might give you a bit more cash.

Remember, don’t price yourself out. Have a chat to some older mates, your family and try and work your way in through word of mouth, much easier than a cold email. And boom, imagine that – being paid to sit on Facebook all day.

Struggling to make money and also pass all of your units? The good folk at UNiDAYS want to pay you good cash to rep them on your campus! If you feel like you’ve got the witty banter and social media prowess to do it, simply click here to apply. Be quick though, the promotion finishes up next Monday (8th Feb), so get applying! (Ps See if you can steal a few clothes and discounts from them. Oh and by the way since you’re already doing that, don’t forget about us yeah? Kthx.)

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