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Netflix Heart Throbs That Aren’t Serial Killers

Despite a few serial killer tendencies, girls are dropping to their knees over Ted Bundy’s strangely alluring looks. The Internet has dubbed him the ‘sexy serial killer’ and all I can think is what in the world have we all resorted to by thirsting over geeky looking, not at all handsome, psychologically insane murderers?

Despite all the hype, I haven’t jumped on board the Bundy bandwagon and frankly, I refuse to. It’s come to my attention however that Netflix is actually teeming with underrated heart throbs that deserve some limelight. The difference between these and the likes of Ted Bundy is that, rather conveniently, they’re not serial killers IRL.

Here’s ya guide to Netflix’s whole society of heart throbs waiting to be discovered, adored and drooled over.

#1 Joe Goldberg (You)

Well obvs. The bonus with Joe Goldberg is that he’s not actually a stalking maniac IRL. Show us your books Joe, we’re interested.

#2 Michael Culhane (Dynasty)

90% of Fallon’s on-screen script has her bitterly spitting out Culhane’s name every time she needs a lift and frankly, we’re sick of how badly she treats him. Poor Culhane, we’re rooting for you. His part in the show has him batting way below his average because really, why isn’t he the main guy?

#4 Cristal Flores  (Dynasty)

Well since we were on the topic of Dynasty it would be insanely rude not to mention Cristal. She is the main chick and she deserves it. Her stunning figure defies all logic and she slays every outfit, always.

#3 Fyre Festival Guy (not Billy McFarland)

Marc Weinstein was the sweet, sweet surprise we got as we tuned into Fyre. He also does yoga, just sayin’.

#4 Other Fyre Festival Guy

Fyre really did just turn out to be a small tribe of underrated good lookers, didn’t it? Say hello to Samuel Krost. Not that you need reminding. We know you stalked him on Insta because well, we did too.

#4 Tommy (Peaky Blinders)

Life hack: find a guy that pulls off a tweed hat and never let him go. Cillian Murphy (aka Tommy) from Peaky Blinders really is the whole package including and not limited to an adorable English accent. It’s a win win really.

#5 The Entire Animal Kingdom Cast

Can we for a minute just point out that Smurf is cuttin’ all of our grasses (majorly). Their criminal behaviours make them the ultimate bad boy club and 80% of the time their shirts are off. Cheers boys.

#6 Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Netflix has treated us to a healthy and definitely bing-worthy 7 season spectacular here. Bad boy Jax has our hearts throbbin’ all the way through the seasons. Bikes + boys = something ya Dad doesn’t want a bar of, but we’re intrigued.

#7 Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

We know him from The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody and we’re honoured to have watched him mature right before our eyes. Hello Cole Sprouse, we see you and we love you.

Also this little gem isn’t too hard on the eyes either:

#8 Betty & Veronica (Riverdale)

Sugar n spice vibes from Betty and Veronica have us binging on Riverdale and tbh, overlooking the oddity of the whole production. It’s so damn cheesy but so damn good and these two make it something worth our time, effort and procrastination.

#9 Archie (Riverdale)

Another reason why Riverdale continues to have us hooked (well, season 3 is defs questionable) and another reason to justify our ginger man fetish. Archie, ya heartbreaker.

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