5 Fashion Hacks That’ll Have You Gram-Worthy This Summer

Summer is still shaping up for us to squeeze in another couple of events come the weekends. And what does that mean? New outfits, obviously! Fashion is changing and evolving by the day and keeping up with the times isn’t always that easy. But alas friends, we’ve got some sneaky fashion hacks to set yourself up for the perfect timeless wardrobe which will ensure your summer looks, and those thereafter, are on point.

So in order to eliminate hours of trawling through online shops locating that perfect look, we’ve teamed up Antonia, founder of Jamie & IJamie, your virtual stylist, uses artificial intelligence to curate three outfits you’ll love using your personal style every week. Last minute outfit inspo? Please and thank you!

#1 Go With Matching Sets

Picking smart co-ord’s is always a win. Whether it’s a classic suit combo, or a dainty maxi skirt and crop, this look is one of the simplest to pull off. Wear the set for a full, fuss-free outfit or style the pieces separately to create new and exciting looks. Providing the ultimate flexibility, a matching set (or three) is a must for your wardrobe. And trust me, they definitely make you look like you’ve got your sh*t together.

Antonia: “Matching sets are a no brainer and always make you look polished and put together in seconds.” 

#2 Build Up A Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re clearing out the chaos in your closet or just going back to basics in order to build a sustainable wardrobe, you need a clear and strong foundation. We realise it’s hard to cull the spending, but focusing on a four or five seasonal pieces a year is a perfect place to start your capsule journey. Just think coats, boots, and basics.

Antonia: The same concept holdse true for clothes and friends; have less – but the best! Start building up a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces that you can mix and match. Invest in high-quality pieces as you get a lot of wear out of them.” 

#3 Invest In Statement Pieces

We’re all guilty of shying into fashion trends or not wearing something because it stands out too much, myself included. But purchase some statement pieces and you’ll be well on your way to a heap of compliments and some very jealous stares. As well as a standout Insta picco for the profile.

Antonia: Dear to invest in some stand-out statement pieces that demand a second look. They will immediately give you a fashion-forward look, as well as an immediate confident boost – you will see!” 

#4 Your Style Is A Form Of Self Expression

Although fashion trends are easy to follow, it’s important to take your own personal twist on them. Take risks and be playful with your style, ’cause realistically, it’s 2019 and there’s no way you’re going to get judged for what you wear. Much.

Antonia: “Most importantly; just have fun! Style is a way of self-expression, so dare to experiment and over time you will become more confident with what suits you and what doesn’t.”

#5 Stay Inspired

This last hack goes without saying. With the sheer amount of inspiration around us online and in our day to day lives, it’s impossible not to acquire some fresh ideas. Keep browsing when you can to pick up new ideas and styles, because you can never have too much inspiration.

Antonia: “Stay inspired! This really helps, browse magazines, Instagram and Pinterest and try styling services and apps that will help you focus your look.”

We’ve still got plenty of summer left, so you’ve got a lot of time to shine, darlings. And there’s nothing better than a cheeky deal, especially when . it comes to your next favourite look. So Jamie & I have given 5Why readers an exclusive offer to save $50 off your favourite outfit. That’s a FREE $50 ON ANYTHING! Sign up here to grab the offer and use the code WELCOMETOJAMIE. Happy Instagramming, friends.

Image Sources: Jamie & I, Sabo Skirt

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