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Meet Lara Jean’s Newest Boy She’s Loved (Warning: Steamy Content)

Our gal Lara Jean has a new lover, ladies, and he ain’t too harsh on the eye. Meet the new boy on the block, John Ambrose McClaren, played by Jordan Ambrose. He’s the newest cast member to our Netflix guilty pleasure, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and boy oh boy is he going to make for some steamy binges. It’s real ladies, this is really happening.


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can I get a yah yeet?

A post shared by Jordan Fisher (@jordan_fisher) on

The sequel to the show, To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, is set to premiere on Netflix later this year. Whilst the exact release date isn’t for a few weeks, filming is well underway and we’ve got some juicy sneak peaks that’ll tempt you into counting down the days ’til this big premiere. The chemistry is real and I’m ready. In relation to that Insta post, you can get a ‘yah’, Jordan, we certainly approve of your new gig.

Jordan Fisher, we didn’t love you in the past. We love you now. Like, right now. 

Image Source: @Jordan_Fisher, IMDb. 

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