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Where To Travel On The Cheap Every Month Of The Year

If you could travel the world every month of the year, all 365 days, this would be the itinerary dreams are made of. An inca trail, a tropical getaway in south east Asia, the expansive coastline of our Kiwi neighbours, to exploring charming European cities on foot. Passport brimming with stamps and eyes wide with new sights. Travelling off season is the perfect way to see the world without battling the crowds. We’ve picked the best spots to travel on the cheap every month of the year, without compromising the weather. Get booking.

January – Mexico

The perfect time of year to enjoy the idyllic beaches without the hordes of Spring Breakers or summer holidaymakers. January may be the coolest time of the year in Mexico, but that’s really not saying much. With average highs of 28°C, you’ll be able to sightsee by day and part by night in climatic comfort. Despite the multiple stops you’ll have to make to get to Cancun or Mexico City, the off season offers stellar deals on flights.

February – Peru

Home to the Mayan ruins and Inca treasures abound, Peru is a backpacker hot spot. South America can be deceptively expensive, once you calculate all the in country travel and guide fees. December to February is the low season and in February the well worn Inca trail to Machu Pichu is closed for maintenance. But there’s a handful of other trails that will take you the peak along a different route. Plus it’s the perfect time for seaside activities. Affordable flights and a whole lot less tourists make for a more tranquil trip.

March – Bali

The tail end of the wet season in Bali makes for an opportune travel moment. Dive into the island paradise without the usual crowd of revellers. From Seminyak to Uluwatu, there’s a travel experience tailored to you. From health retreats, yoga escapes or your own personal villa, settle in just how you like it. Jetstar continues to do astoundingly affordable flights to Bali, so look out for their Friday fare frenzy for a deal to see you over.

April – Italy

A country full of cultural icons and historical points on the map, a time with less tourists is a real blessing. There’s a movement of people all year round but April sees mild weather offer a little warmth and a little more affordability. See the countryside in temperate conditions, toss your wish into the Trevi fountain without having to edge out a spot. If you’re more of a warm weather traveller, just know that it’s gelato season all year round here.

May – Japan

Spend as long as you possible can muster in annual leave in Japan. Mark my words, every corner of this efficient, cherry blossomed nations is a standalone stunner. If you head north in May you’ll catch the tail end of the famous pink flowers in bloom, for an attractive price. If you’re after cheap flights look to Tokyo’s second airport or Osaka as starting points. From snow monkeys to temples nestled into ridges, Japan is truly magnificent this time of year.

June – Iceland

Perhaps it’s the name, but Iceland has a winter themed air about it. Northern lights, igloos and freezing conditions are not all Iceland has to offer. Come in June and you’ll enjoy delightfully mild weather perfect for seeing the country on foot. It really is a hiker’s dream landscape. Flights to Finland or those outside the main hub of London are perfect for a cheap connecting flight onto your northern destination.

July – Costa Rica

The mass exodus of Aussie travellers to the European summer or onto Bali leaves opportunity to venture elsewhere on the cheap. Jungle paradise of Costa Rica a worthy stop for those looking to escape winter. Swing into the rainforest, lounge about on the world’s largest hammock or carve your way to new cities via ATV. It’s technically wet season but July is the driest of those months. It’s not called a rainforest for nothing.

August – Hungary

Not as cheap as it used to be but for peak summer periods it’s priced within a budget travellers reach. Head outside the main hub of Budapest and you’ll stretch that dollar or Hungarian forint a little further. Look beyond the baths and instead to the smaller villages and Baroque palaces that surround Budapest. With balmy days and breezy nights,  ou’ll be charmed by this country in no time.

September – New Orleans

As summer is on the way out, party capital of the south New Orleans is alive with cultural events. Go see the Saints play and bask in the team spirit, or the festivals will have you entertained all month long. Gorge yourself at the seafood festival or sachet at the burlesque celebration. It doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras here for things to be a bustle!

October – New Zealand

Across the ditch things get a little quieter as soon as Winter wraps up. The Queenstown skiers move out and the nomadic wanderers roll in. Wellington is at it’s best come October, the perfect time to get to know this new artsy hub. NZ may be known for it’s postcard worthy sights but the culture is just as captivating. Flights are decent around this time too, enough so to do a weekender.

November – Paris 

Ah, the city of light and love. Paris is one of those spots that people either wax lyrical about or detest. The latter group obviously didn’t visit in November. Come the last month of Autumn you’ll find a calmness comes over the city, the tourist traffic slows and the locals revel in the last few days of not so freezing weather. The line for the sights shorten and the French are less aggravating, plus flights are a real treat. Bon voyage!

December – Czech Republic

The magic of Prague in winter is a sight blessed by the green fairy herself. The green fairy of course is the city’s drink of choice Absinthe. Snow dusts the old town to the castle and Christmas cheer floods the street. Prague may seem like a summer hotspot on the euro trip trail, but the frosty air is just as inviting. Despite the chill the nightlife is just as debaucherous.

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