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5 Countries You Can Get A Working Visa In With Ease

Thinking of travelling soon with the prospect of turning your adventuring into a little working trip too? Well we have you covered with these five fabulous countries where snapping up a working visa can be easy as booking your flights.

The Aussie Government and Immigration and Border Protection have laid out a few reciprocal countries that honour Australia’s Working Holidays Scheme Program. What this program encourages is that us young adults (between the ages of 18-30) should travel and work in overseas countries to enhance cultural exchange (how nice of them.)

We’ve put together our top five picks, so start planning.


Ever dreamed of going to Canada? Now is your chance. International Experience Canada (IEC) fosters the travel of youth for working holidays, professional experience and international co-op internships. IEC works in a pooling system whereby you submit an application online that supports the requirements including evidence of Australian passport and citizenship. Once submitted the Canadian officials of immigration process your application for consideration of entry.

Why travel to Canada? No language barrier, current exchange rate from the Australian dollar is AUD$0.97 and an array of jobs on offer from skiing instructors to bar tending. Canadian’s are a lot like us Aussies, they live for the outdoors. Click here for more details, ay!


God bless the Irish. If you’re considering travelling and working in Ireland it couldn’t be more simple. Submitting an application of interest is all you have to do. You don’t have to secure a job before arrival as your Working Holiday Authorisation (WHA) gives you an opportunity to work anywhere you like in Ireland in any type of paid employment, amazing.

The most popular and sort for jobs in Ireland are found in the vibrant hospitality industry from bars to restaurants and hotels. There is also a call for administrative and office work in the corporate world. Why Ireland? Closely located to so many other European countries you have the endless opportunities to explore. The hospitality of the Irish is incomparable, go explore.


Three steps are necessary to obtaining a working visa in Italy which include; obtaining the visa from the Italian consulate in Australia, applying at the immigration office within eight days of arrival in Italy and using the proof of application to request a work permit at the Labour office through your prospective employer. Pretty decent for a visa in Italy, and totally worth it.

What’s not to love about the place too? Enjoy the architecture, art, love, beautiful coastline, urban cities and the exotic language. Like Ireland, Italy is your gateway to the rest of Europe. Jobs on offer include hospitality work, general labour and tourism.


If Asia floats your boat, then Japan is your go to. The Consulate-General Japan based in Sydney provides constant support for securing your working visa to Japan. The only real requirement is that you’re a long-term resident. The minimum assessment time for your visa to be accepted is around three to five working days or two to three weeks, so be sure to be organised just in case extra documents are required for your application.

With a booming business industry and a major urban landscape Japan has an array of options for the working traveller. From tourism opportunities to administrative and general labour, the Japanese are very accommodating in their job prospects for travellers.


Looking for something different? Hello South America! Australians share a very similar working visa program as Uruguay making it a breeze for us to travel and work. There are a few addition checks that need to take place to travel to Uruguay because the Australian Government needs to attach a letter of support to your application. These requirements include a certified copy of a valid passport, certified copy of one other form of identification with current residential address (or mobile work number) and certified copies of your tertiary qualifications. You’ll also need a letter from your university confirming the level of study, or originals of academic transcripts. There’s a fair bit involved, but just imagine finishing work then hitting local street markets up in Montevideo. To chat someone about it, head over here.

For all countries involved, click on through.

Image sources: M&M World Trip,, MoblicoSolutions

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