5 Summer Travel Essentials You Need To Pack

Packing to travel in the summer is an absolute breeze, with the less is more nature of hot weather clothing, you can get away with having all the essentials without going overboard in the packing department.  But, what are those essentials?  It’s easy to forget what you do and don’t need when travelling.  That irrational fear that not taking EVERYTHING will leave you in some desperate situation where you get stuck wearing the same thing every day…  That’s not even a real issue if you think about it, so long as things get the occasional wash you don’t need to go crazy, taking everything.  Below you’ll find a cheeky list of summer essentials; tried and tested via my current wardrobe (it’s not bad I swear.)  Some things are new, some vintage and others are simply stalwarts.

If you don’t have items like that of your own, time to update that wardrobe.

#1 Black Swimming Costume

This is the newest addition for me.  It’s impossible to get through summer with just one swimsuit but it’s also impossible to wear more than one at a time so it seems logical to choose wisely and buy as infrequently as possible, so I’m constantly on the hunt to find the next best thing.  The cut-out one piece costume from Country Road has done this for me.  It’s flattering in all the right places and hasn’t got too much crazy 80’s leotard influence in the high cut bikini line department.  I’ve always been a one-piece gal so this LBC (little black costume) was the first thing to go into my suitcase before I went away.

#2 Denim Shorts

My obsession with denim is evident through my wardrobe- half of which I inherited from my mum who’s love for blue jeans and denim jackets was clearly hereditary.  This being so, full long jeans are just not viable on hot days, travelling around the tropics or simply going to the beach.  My favourite summer shorts are a pair of old high waisted Levi cut-offs I made out of jeans I bought at Vinnies, I’m actually wearing them right now.  I’ve never found a suitable pair since, and even though they’re getting more and more worn I have faith in the five dollar fibres that travel with me everywhere. You can find similar here

#3 Cotton Dress

Who doesn’t love a cotton dress?  It’s the perfect throw on item and there is so much variety so you can always find one you like.  I love to sew my own dresses because then I have a huge choice of fabric.  But, if I’m not making my own there is one brand that I love to go to.  Annukka is another label coming out of Byron Bay, NSW and their range of organic cotton dresses in basic colours are perfect for the hotter summer months.  When you travel you want things that can wash quick and dry easy and Annukka’s ‘Rosie’ dress is going to do just that.  All in basic colours so you can dress them up or keep it casual they have a dresses for everybody regardless of your taste.

#4 Linen Pants

Trying to plan for every weather possibility is impossible and that is why I love linen.  Not only does it look lovely it’s super comfortable, breathable and can go (with the help of an iron) into any situation.  Yoli and Otis are my favourite go to for linens and cottons.  Byron Bay, NSW based they have women’s and children’s clothing and it is all about neutral colours, texture and natural fibres.  Well worth checking out their online store, and their Instagram for all sorts of summer vibes and inspo.

#5 T-Shirt

Ghanda is an Australian brand coming out of Torquay in Victoria.  Hand printing all their tee’s out of their factory, Ghanda have a cool Australia meets Hawaii meets California vibe that I really, really love.  They have more than just t-shirts, with a range stretching into everything for both guys and gals.  My love for Ghanda tee’s just comes from the fact they are super soft and something a bit different to everything else.  Check out their online store to see what they have in season.

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