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Move Over Nokia, Energizer’s New Phone Concept Has A Battery That’ll Last You Weeks

So the Nokia brick has been long in the running to make a comeback and boy those phones are worth it. From the battery life to the indestructible screen, they’re unbeatable. Or so we thought. Energizer (yes, the battery company) have just brought out the thickest of phones and damn is it a change from the one you’ve got tucked in your pocket. I’m not even sure this one will fit in one.

Despite being having the thickness of three iPhones put together, the new P18K Pop by Energizer has one of, if not the biggest battery in the biz. And you’d expect nothing less from one of the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries. This thing is literally a giant battery with a screen on top. It has an 18,000 mAh powerhouse built-in, which is crazy compared to the iPhone XS which only has a 2658 mAh one. Think of how much Netflix you could watch among um.. other videos.

Rumours are that the smartphone (if you can call it that) will be released in June 2019 for a mere 600 Euros. Although some people aren’t convinced it’s real and are placing bets on an elaborate publicity stunt due to the phone’s likeness to an actual battery.

The phone would be more than useful on the battery front, but I think it’d be a little snug in the pocket of my jeans. I’m not about to swap my iPhone anytime soon that’s for sure.

Image Source: SlashGear

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