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How MAFS Turned A Dirty Cheating Scandal Into A Life Lesson We Won’t Be Using Anyway

I don’t really count on MAFS for teaching me anything I can practically apply to my own life. It’s more of a lesson in what not to do and how not to act. Thankfully though, it provides me with the comforting hug I need to appreciate my drama-less life that, in comparison, is a breezy freakin’ daydream. Thank you, sweet Lord, for the blessing that is a loveless, scandal-free existence.

But listen up, people. Last night’s MAFS was… different. We were taught an important lesson about doing the dirty on someone, about cheating, and how to do it ‘right’. Apparently there’s a right and wrong way to screw around and Jess and Dan did it all wrong. Now, granted, this love experiment takes place in a spectacularly theatrical make-believe land where scriptwriters use couples as drama-cooking, money-making puppets but like… this scenario is still important and we need to discuss it.

So Jess and Dan have the big, fat Feels and now the rest of the group know. At first, everyone was gobsmacked over the news. Mick cried, Tammy walked off set – there was an avalanche of backlash. But a few comments were thrown around that the issue wasn’t the fact that Jess and Dan had been playing footsie beneath the dinner table, so to speak; rather, that they weren’t honest about it. Jess lied to Mick and said she was mending their “friendship” by choosing to stay. Dan deceived Tammy by saying he wanted time to escape the “friend zone” they’d both found themselves in (a tragic, inescapable zone, as it turns out).

So like, if I’ve gathered this all correctly…cheating is totes fine as long as you’re all about open communication and stuff? Ok, I disagree. A LOT.

Whilst Jess and Dan maintained they’d only “caught up” for a “drink” (highly doubt), they’re still bound by what the experts were right to point out as a moral code. They lied, they wasted time and they should not be supported in their pursuit of this sad excuse for ‘genuine’ Feels. I call BS and there is no social etiquette to going about this the ‘right’ way. Hearts were horribly broken and even if they’d cried wolf weeks ago in a bid to be honest, I have huge doubts that Tammy and Mick would’ve been happy to play partner swaps.

Jess and Dan should not be granted the privilege of partner swapping. Their sneaky behaviour should not be rewarded, nor should it be understated in any way. I’m done. Rant over.

Image Source: Nine News Now, Giphy. 

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