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Name a Cockroach After Your Ex and Watch a Meerkat Eat It, Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Sure, Valentine’s Day traditionally is about getting presents for someone else. That special person. Chocolate, flowers, champagne, a fancy dinner if you’re lucky. But you know what trumps getting a present for someone else? Getting a little something for yourself.

Treat yourself to the ultimate Valentine’s Day present: petty, harmless revenge.

Message the zoo your ex’s name, then wait with bated breath for the magical February 14 to come. You can then live-stream on Fracebook the zoo’s genius “Quit Bugging Me” event. Hundreds of poor little critters, named after some of the most unsavoury exes around the world, will be devoured by a band of adorable meerkats. The names will also be displayed on the exhibit and on social media, so gather some friends and cheers your glasses once you see it come up.

It’s unconventional, sure. But short of making a voodoo doll, which is a little bit too extreme and, frankly, a bit of an effort, how else do you give yourself a present that is both productive and satisfying? Rid yourself of the ghosts of your past, as well as supply a meerkat a delicious and nutritious snack.

I also love the though of how blindsided you’d feel should you see your own name come up on the screen. I mean, you had it coming, you know.


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