Why It’s Important To Look Out For Your Pals At A Music Festival

It’s almost festival season, and everyone loves a good festy. The tunes, the vibes, the mates, it’s all good fun. But while you’re snapping pics for Insta and having a boogie, things could be going a bit off the rails for your mates.

Keeping an eye out for each other is always a good move when you’re hitting up some of festival season’s hottest events. For everything that can go oh so right, there’s also a lot that can go wrong.

It Can Be Easy To Have Too Much Fun

Festivals are bloody brilliant. The sun is shining, you’re surrounded by your mates, and your fave band is blowing up the main stage. It’s good vibes all round, so it’s easy to get carried away. If your bud’s getting a little too involved, their good time can sour pretty quickly. Watching a mate go from boogying away to holding their hair back while they vom can really put a dampener on your day.

If you see your mate getting a little too loose in the hot summer sun, maybe just give them a nudge towards the water fountains. Take a seat in the shade and let them chill (figuratively and literally) for a bit. You don’t want to find yourselves in a sticky situation or over at the med tent.

Keep An Eye On Each Others Drinks

It’s no secret that your fave festy is gonna have some substances roaming around. Regardless of whether you and your guys and gals are partaking. The possibility of having your drink spiked is one to be aware of. Unfortunately, you never know who’s about or what they’re thinking. There’s literally thousands of people around and anything’s possible.

If you see your mate put their drink down and leave it unattended, grab it or just tell them to leave it. It’s better off to just cop the $8 for a fresh one than have something unsavoury put in there.

Buddy System

Remember when you’d be made to walk in twos everywhere? Well, applying this to your time at festivals is gonna help you and your buddy have a fan-bloody-tastic day. You’ll always have someone to groove with and you’ll never be without an Insta photographer. Plus, on a more serious note, there’s safety in numbers.

Keeping your mate on hand while you’re living it up can help prevent any rough situations. It’s always good when you know someone has your back. Being able to look out for each other means you’ll be able to have fun without any of the worry. Just… don’t loose your buddy.

Look, I’m not telling you to go out to festivals wrapped in bubblewrap and anxious, or feeling like you need to be festival mum. But what I am saying is shit happens, and it’s a good idea to make sure you have your mates backs just in case it does.

Play hard, play safe.

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