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Aussie Beth Yen Just Became First Female Club Chart Topper In A Decade

The music industry is a hard one to break into for anyone, but you really need a sense of hustle when you’re a woman, and particularly in the club scene. But for the first time in nearly a decade the ARIA number one on the Club chart is a woman. And not only is she a woman, she’s a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community. Announced this morning, Sydney based producer Beth Yen is officially the queen.

Not only is she the first female number one in over seven years, but she marks the fourth female ever to top the club charts. And in order to get this top accolade, the powerhouse had to knock out one of the biggest names in dance music right now.

Her single Ocean knocked out iconic Scottish producer Calvin Harris for the top spot. Debuting on the charts at number 25, her single rocketed to number one today, marking the history books. In a statement released by Beth Yen on the news, she sent out a call of encouragement to her community.

“This is not just a win for me but a win for LGBTIQ+ women and men in the dance music industry. I hope that this inspires anyone, especially women contemplating getting involved in electronic dance music to get out there and find a way just to do it. The music industry is listening and ready for you all.”

You can listen to the track below. It’s a bloody tune and we’re so pumped about an Aussie woman kicking serious goals.

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