Oxford St Signs Around Oz Are Getting Rainbow Makeovers And It’s Bloody Fabulous

Whip out ‘ya sequins and feather boas because Mardi Gras is upon us for another year. Whilst  there will be a whole lot less glitter this year thanks to the parade’s push for a much greener take on the LGTBQI celebration, there definitely won’t be any shortage of colour, rainbows, unicorns and PRIDE.

All things rainbow and pride aren’t just limited to Sydney’s own iconic Oxford Street though. Australia is also home to 122 other Oxford Streets, so to spread pride all over this country of ours, ANZ has decided to jazz up a few in true, Mardi Gras style.

Oxford Streets in Rockhampton (QLD), Bunbury (WA), Deep Lead (VIC) and Port Pirie (SA) got a bit of a rainbow unicorn/high heel/cupcake inspired makeover and the results are nothing short of a totally fabulous, pride-screaming masterpiece.

Watch ANZ’s entire vid here.

To spread the #equalfuture message far beyond the sequin-flooded pavement of Oxford Street this year, these jazzed up street signs has evoked an amazing response. Sadly though, we’re reminded of the long road we still have ahead of us.

But with colour and pride spanning to even Australia’s most rural pockets this year, it’s hard to imagine hate crimes raining on any kind of parade, including this one. The show must certainly go on.

Image Source: ANZ Australia Youtube, Giphy, @CJARucker, @lee_waters_sbb, @sayhunt, @erin_porteous

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