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Get Ya Robes Out And Prepare For A Harry Potter Themed Fun Run

Fancy a 5k run? Didn’t think so, you lazy muggle. Well, what if I said this kind of run is literally the perfect excuse for you to live out your Harry Potter obsession IRL? It will still entail an unnecessary exertion of energy but you do get to dress up in a robe and chase after a Golden Snitch. That’s right, thought you’d be interested.

#HealthAndFitness just isn’t a good enough excuse to go for a run these days and The Wizard’s Run 5k have thankfully done something about it. Coming to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth this August is a Potter-themed mini-marathon complete with a Quidditch pitch and ‘potion stops’ to get your lazy arse moving all the way to the finish line.

If you’re not already convinced, there will be a Hogwarts-style afterparty with all the necessary Potter trimmings. It’s a once in a lifetime experience so rally your fellow wizards and grab ya tix here.

Image Source: The Wizards Run, Giphy. 

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