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Secret Garden Festival Just Announced A Super Groovy Final 2019 Lineup

The O.G. fantastical forest festival, Secret Garden is going out with a bang this year; another festival to join the list. The six-year running event says goodbye in the best way they know how: one hell of a forest funk sesh. The lineup feature an extensive lists of acts you’re not going to wanna miss.

The two day festival hosted in Brownlow Hill runs at the end of this month, from the 22nd Feb to the 23rd Feb. It’s your last chance to get your greatest costumes out and go for one hell of a boogie.

Here’s the full lineup:

Intergalactic Space Party

Ali Barter, Annie Hamilton, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Dance Party, The Dardi Shades, DJ Manchild, Flint Eastwood (USA), Genesis Owusu, Harvey Sutherland, Heaps Gay, Iluka, Joseph Liddy & Skeleton Horse, Mildlife, Mojo Juju, Okenyo, Pink Matter, Pist Idiots, The Preatures, These New South Whales, Tia Gostelow, and *A Surprise!*

Camp Queen Baths

Aaron Manhattan, Ayebatonye, Beau Kirq, Brendan Maclean, Brooke Powers, Canoe, Charlie Villas + Billie McCarthy, The Dollar Bin Darlings, Fox Pfluger, Frida Refugees, Gina Colada, Lex LaFortune, Mat Hornby, Matt Format, MattVaughan MC Gaff-e, Megana, Radha La Bia Rebel Yell, Stelly C, Tommy Misa,

SG Airlines

100, Asbolutely Everybody DJs, The Andy Golledge Band, Baby Beef, Black Tree, Broke House, Candy Cool Sound, Coven DJs, Figs, Florian, The Friendly Friends, Georgia June, Girls On Deck, Handsome, Harley Mavis, Imbi The Girl, Johnny Hunter, Laura Jean, Moody Beach, Murmurmur, Ruben Neeson, Spit Chewy, Sports Bra

The Partynon

Aybatonye, Busy, Carolina Gasolina, Ebony Boadu, GCOO, Isa, Jannah Beth (Live), Kilimi, Manic Pixi, Maribelle (live), Matka, Mowgli May, Naomi, Nes, Sofie Roze, Sophiegrophy (live), Stayfly DJs, Temgazi (live), Venus

Lava’s Paradise

Al Dente, Andy Webb, Con Pani, Dame, Deadlyana, Deep Tan, The Dollar Bin Darlings, Gauci (live), Gen Collier, Gia Livera & Edie Virelli, Kayroy, Lorna Clarkson, Maia Bilyk, Mango (live), Motherfunk (live), Nardean (live), Ryan Fennis (live), Sidehustle, Solo Dan Stank & Deets, Tim Boyd

Final Disco Nation

Alec Sander, Alice D, Body Promise, Cosmic Boogie, Dejaan, DJ kittlez, Femanyst Aka Lady Balcktronika, Garage Pressure, IV Drip, Jess Mueller, Kate Doherty, Low Flung, Natalia, PSWIL, Slamb BSB Lewba, Spiderdog, Swerve

(In A) State Theatre

Alex Reynolds, Cabaret Le Queer: K & Cake Damsels De-Stress, Disney Karaoke, The Dollar Bin Darlings, Magda Szubanskis, Noodle Girls, Nude Party, The Oyster Club, Post-Its, Unplanned Melodies, Village Wisdom, Wanted and Wild

Southern Belles

343 Brass Band, Djangologists, Muddy Lamb

Dancers & Performers

Bubble Babies, Electro Fairy Entertainment, Hooping Harlet, Jasmine Brophy, Lupa Howl & The Shewolves, Phoneix Flow Arts, Silk Fan Dancers, Whipper Sisters

For more info and how to snatch up tickets, visit the official Secret Garden website.

Image Credit: Secret Garden Official Facebook

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