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The Lies We Tell Ourselves In Our 20s

Adulthood is a fickle mistress. Especially with the weird limbo that goes on throughout the years. Some of us already have a family, some have houses with quaint backyards, and others have fur babies. As for the rest of us? We tend to eat Doritos for dinner, can’t keep plants alive and have a nice clothes mountain on the floor. No matter what category you fit into, here are some lies you’ve probably heard others utter, or, let’s be honest, here are some lies that you’ve most likely told yourself.

“Okay fine, I’ll come out. But one drink, okay? I have deadlines and stuff”

It’s fair game once you realise that $5 happy hours exist on the daily. We always seem to tell ourselves that we’re not going to get carried away with beverage antics. But the next thing we know is it’s one in the morning and we’ve lost a shoe (and dignity as well, to be honest.) After the third drink, logic is off the table and those deadlines magically ‘poof’ into oblivion.

“I’m going to open up three different bank accounts so I can keep track of my savings”

We’ve all heard this statement before. Heck, we’ve all said this statement before. To those of you who have actually set up multiple accounts for saving ya dosh, kudos to you, fellow adult friend. To the rest of you who have no idea where your money goes half the time (food, c’mon), it’s okay. Someday we’ll be financially sound, and writing all our money movements in a cute book. We’ll also be able to buy all the avocados without batting an eyelid (goals.)

“Pfft, no I’m not going to buy that cheese and quince paste”

If there’s one, single thing that was a shock when moving out and progressing into adulthood, it’s discovering how expensive cheese is. We venture into the grocery store with a list of essentials and do well, until the cheese aisle graces our vision. “I don’t need it. But like, it is half off though.” The grocery bill then has an extra $20 added, due to the fact that cheese is too good to resist. And of course, you needed quince paste, because, just did, okay?

“No seriously though, this year is my year”

Why do we seem to force the ‘my year’ and ‘hay day’ antics? Each year is something different, with its own good and bad times. It’s good to ride the waves that each year brings, and treat everything as something new to learn. This mentality sometimes causes us to get to the end of the year, and feel disappointed that things didn’t turn out the way it was apparently meant too. Just keep moving forward and experiencing new things. If this happens, then you’re all good, fam.

“I’m going to get up early and clean the house”

Haha, good one. If you’re someone who actually does perform the act of cleanliness in the early hours of the morning, then you’re a higher functioning adult than I. You set the alarm the night before, and are sure that you’ll reject the notion of additional sleep. However, once the morning rolls around, and you discover how tired you are from the week, it’s likely you’ll roll over and cocoon further into the covers.

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