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How To Deal With A Friendship Breakup (Cause They’re Definitely A Thing)

A breakup between partners isn’t a great time, and can cause a great deal of grief. So, who do you turn to when this happens? Often, it’s our instinct to approach someone who knows us like the back of their hand, in particular, a best mate. But what happens when you and your best friend are the ones going through the breakup? If anything, this can be even more painful than breaking up with a partner. If you’re facing this dilemma, here are some ways in which you may be able to get through it.

Talk It Over With Your Friend

Believe it or not, talking to your friend about the constant state of your relationship is a very viable option. In fact, this could provide you with the closure you need to assist in dealing with the new-found distance. You’d both be able to talk about your perceptions and come to a conclusion about the overall friendship. You’ll most likely find that they still love you immensely, but you’re just going down different paths.

Connect With Others

For the love of God, do not isolate yourself, peeps. This will make the entire loss that much worse (trust me.) The key to maintaining your sanity is to get out of the house and spend time with others who you know you’ll have a good time with. They may be keen to listen to your woes and offer a fresh perspective on the whole friendship debacle.

Don’t React Maliciously

If the friendship breakup is due to a fight or mass drama, it’s best to try and reign in the malicious intent. A snarky attitude gets you nowhere and helps absolutely no one. While you may want to rip their hair out (not recommended, just picture it instead?) resist the temptation. If you want to send them a long rant on how awful they are, try and resist going through with that too. The aim is to look as adult and mature as possible (super hard to do sometimes, but a good learning curve.)

Remember That It All Works Out In The End

No matter why you and your best mate are distancing yourselves, there always ends up being a valid reason. Maybe you and your mate are growing apart as you progress in age. Though they’re still in your heart and you love them, you’re discovering that you don’t have as much in common as what you used too. Remember that this is completely natural and that it’s probably neither of your faults. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll meet someone in the future who compliments you in ways that your other pal never could have.

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