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Vox Pop – Julian Grassi

Each week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on trending news and current happenings from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping.

Name: Julian Grassi

Age: 24

Occupation: Gaining a bachelor in debt and regret

Anthony Albanese held a pub chat this week discussing all things politics, are you an Albo man or prefer Bill Shorten?

Starting off with a political question? That’s risky. I think Albo’s a champ, you’ve got to love him. I think he’s got that traditional colloquial Australian appeal just like Hawkey, he just needs to beat his yard glass time now. He pulled the strings for the sticky finger boys to do their US tour which was a pretty cool move. That being said I’ve really come around to Shortbread in the last year. I wasn’t crazy about him but I think he’s been playing a pretty conservative level headed game. It’s just what the Labor party has needed.

Connor McGregor won his second belt, making him the only person to do so, he has demanded a stake in UFC before his next fight, ludicrous request or savvy business?

I just don’t “get” the whole UFC thing. I think I’m still bitter because I lost like $30 on the Manny vs Mayweather fight…that’s like a 6 pack and a big mac. I think Connor has played the game well. His caricature of an overly arrogant Irish gnome has been his main selling point. I think this just demonstrates the hubris that has made him so popular, it’s a good PR move.

Nintendo is bringing Super Mario to mobile by the end of this year, awesome development or tired game format?

I’m a big Nintendo fan so this is a contentious issue for me. If you ask any Nintendo nerd they’ll tell you that their success is equally due to their game creativity as well as the way their systems interact with the games. I think it’s like anything, if it’s done well we’ll all lap it up, but if it’s done bad we’ll be looking to lynch Miyamoto. I mean who played Pokémon GO for more than like a week?

A university in Glasgow has begun offering a degree in Homer Simpson philosophy, useful platform of thought or getting a bet ridiculous now?

2016 is the year of Brexit and President Elect Donald Trump ™. I don’t think anything is ridiculous anymore. As much as I think Homer Simpson is a fountain of knowledge I’m not sure it would make for a great curriculum. With over 600 episodes they won’t run out of course material though.

The peach emoji has been restored to it’s former glory, after an app update removed it’s defining characteristics, happy to see it return or there are plenty of other euphemism emojis to use?

I’m an android guy so this doesn’t affect me directly but I’m glad to see it returned to glory. I would have loved to see thirsty guy’s ingenuity trying to figure out which fruit most resembles body parts to send to their future wives. I’m old school I’d go with the tried and tested banana.

A super moon touched all corners of the earth this week, dazzling display or totally lacklustre?

Well according to my Facebook feed it sucked and I should feel bad. What are those guys at NASA doing if they can’t even spruce up a super moon a bit? Surely they could have thrown up some tinfoil. I think it did something even more miraculous, for a whole 6 hours people posted real statuses bitching about the moon. A nice change from the buzzfeed videos.

The Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts came out this week, and there are 4 more instalments to come. Excited to see them all or a bit over the wizarding world?

I’m a little disappointed with this question because I’m a hard-core Tolkien guy. I could go on about the characteristics of the Maiar and the relevance to their respective Valar but instead I get a Potter question, just my luck. I’ll answer this like any LOTR fan: “it’s not as good as Frodo and Sam’s love story tho”. 

A Guardian report into health insurance has found only the rich, sick and pregnant can afford it. Sad sign of the times or Medicare is mostly enough?

I’m pretty socialist so I’m a big proponent for public healthcare. To me this just demonstrates that we risk falling into the US mess, a bigger disparity of services and wealth. I do think Medicare does a pretty good job in Australia right now but I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a dire situation that needed expedited treatment. I’m not quite sure, but don’t fuck with Medicare you Liberal bastards.

The Gold Coast was so fed up waiting for fibre optic cables to be installed in their area, they went and paid for it themselves. Shitty NBN back at it again or anything for a supreme connection?

 Good on them. Australian internet speeds are one of the lowest in the OECD countries so I don’t blame them.  I’m an IT student and the NBN was one of the biggest travesties I’ve ever seen in my life, I can’t forgive them. Those bastards have cemented me into a bitter Labor supporter for at least a decade. I might watch some “Netflix” to get my mind off it. Oh still buffering?

Haloumi is the cheese of the moment, a prerequisite in pub dishes around the country.  Are you a fan or don’t enjoy it?

I think the word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But really Haloumi is fantastic. I think it is pretty representative of the Greek culture. Between not paying taxes and inventing anal sex they can’t seem to have too much of a good thing. I’ve noticed it’s the cheese most mentioned in girls Tinder bios, so there may be some interesting studies into its properties as an aphrodisiac.

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